God cares about you having healthy friendships. (Photo credit: Fadi Xd/Unsplash)
God cares about you having healthy friendships.

Photo credit: Fadi Xd/Unsplash

Authentic Friendship

December 2, 2022

We were made to be with people. God created us to be with people: “It is not good for the man to be alone,” (Genesis 2:18). But, we are all humans. People break our trust. Having real, authentic friendships with trustworthy people is very important. 


In this article of Spirit on Fire, I’m going to let Scripture do the talking on how to form good friendships, be careful of people, and find the right people to trust – it’s certainly a guide that we, as young women, need to see. Here’s a long quote from Sirach that encapsulates that idea:


“Pleasant speech multiplies friends,

and gracious lips, friendly greetings.

Let those who are friendly to you be many,

but one in a thousand your confidant.

When you gain friends, gain them through testing,

and do not be quick to trust them.

For there are friends when it suits them,

but they will not be around in time of trouble.

Another is a friend who turns into an enemy,

and tells of the quarrel to your disgrace.

Others are friends, table companions,

but they cannot be found in time of affliction.

When things go well, they are your other self,

and lord it over your servants.

If disaster comes upon you, they turn against you

and hide themselves.

Stay away from your enemies,

and be on guard with your friends.

Faithful friends are a sturdy shelter;

whoever finds one finds a treasure.

Faithful friends are beyond price,

no amount can balance their worth.

Faithful friends are life-saving medicine;

those who fear God will find them.

Those who fear the Lord enjoy stable friendship,

for as they are, so will their neighbors be.” (Sirach 6:5-17).


I hope these words are helpful for you in whatever state you are in with your friendships. 

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