Volleyball Senior Night

October 19, 2016

Senior Night at AHN is a night where the team honors the seniors’ achievements and memories. They have been playing four years of volleyball at AHN. After school, the juniors on the varsity volleyball team take the seniors out for lunch and the underclassman set up decorations, senior pictures, and signs for the seniors.

Camille Opp (Achona Online) After waiting anxiously to see the decorations for senior night, the seniors ran to the posters and posed.
Credit: Camille Opp (Achona Online) After waiting anxiously to see the decorations for senior night, the seniors ran to the posters and posed.

Senior, Kendall Bulleit’s favorite part of the season was Spike and Splash for two reasons. Bulleit loved how much support the team got at the game and how loud everyone was while the Jags were playing. Also, she loved beating TC because the Jaguars have a rivalry with them and got revenge from last year when the Jaguars lost to them. After high school, Bulleit is looking forward to transitioning into adulthood and to learn how to live on her own. Her favorite part of Senior Night was the tradition of the speeches that the juniors put together because the team is very close and it emphasizes how strong the bonds are between the girls on the team. Bulleit’s all time favorite memory on the court is going to States sophomore year and seeing almost the entire school in the crowds cheering and painted up.

Bulleit stated, “My advice to underclassmen is to not take any season or moments playing on the court for granted because I felt like my volleyball career flew by.”

Credit: Camille Opp (Achona Online) Kendall Bulleit fills with joy as she listens to her speech from Gillian Garcia.

Senior, Rachel Rosales’s favorite part of the season was beating TC at Spike and Splash and jumping in the pool afterwards. As Rosales’ AHN days are coming to an end, she is excited to have freedom in college, meeting new people, and not being able to worry about playing sports. her favorite part of Senior Night was listening to the speeches from the underclassmen. Rosales will always have the memory of going to states and having the whole school come out and support the team. Rosales’ advice for underclassmen is to cherish the memories you make with your teammates because once it’s gone you can’t go back.

Rosales recalls the memory, “This month for Halloween, the whole team went to a couple haunted houses and everyone was so scared. This is one of the memories I will always cherish.”

Credit: Camille Opp (Achona Online) Rachel Rosales and her parents listen to Gillian Garcia as she reflects on Rachel’s four years at AHN.

Senior, Megan Przedpelski’s favorite part of the season was having fun with her teammates throughout the season. After she graduates at AHN, she is ready to start a new chapter of her life in college. Przedpelski’s favorite part of Senior Night was eating dinner before with her fellow seniors and juniors. Przedpelski will always appreciate the time the team went to States her 10th grade year and will always remember going to Halloween Horror Nights with her teammates after tournaments.

Przedpelski reminds the underclassman, “Have fun and always believe in yourselves, make it count!”

Credit: Camille Opp (Achona Online) Megan Przedpelski listens to Katherine Pickard’s speech about how much she is going to miss having her by her side.


Credit: Camille Opp (Achona Online) Camille is smiling listening to Jaed Seymour’s speech of all the fun and memorable times they have had together.

Senior, Ashley Lambert’s favorite part of the season was the Berkeley game because of the huge crowd who was very rowdy and gave the team a lot of energy and fire. Lambert is looking forward to college and having more freedom than when she does at home. Her favorite thing at Senior Night was listening to the speeches from the underclassmen because it showed how much the seniors are appreciated. Lambert leaves the team with the advice of always to have as much fun when you can because that is what gets you through the running and suicides at practice.

Lambert’s remarks, “I am going to miss dancing in the dance room before some of our games and doing things our coach would describe as “weird” stuff.”

Credit: Camille Opp (Achona Online) Ashley Lambert laughs as she listens to Vanessa Davila hilarious speech about all the funny memories.

The night consisted of many tears and laughter, but after the seniors were honored, the Jaguars put their game faces on and were ready for their match against Tampa Bay Heat. The Jaguars started out with a 10-0 lead and swept Tampa Bay Heat in three games. The seniors and the rest of the team are ready to go into District play next week.


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