Senior Athletes Sign to Colleges

February 6, 2017

National college signing day this year was Wednesday, February first.
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National college signing day this year was Wednesday, February first. Photo credit:

It is a common goal for many high school athletes to be signed by their dream school and continue their sports career throughout college. Not only does signing with a college provide students scholarship money, but it is also an amazing experience for students to be able to represent their college by playing on one of their varsity athletic teams. This year, eight of Academy’s seniors are signing to various colleges to play softball, soccer, track, crew, and volleyball. Upon interviewing some of these student athletes, they each opened up about their experiences with signing and what they are most looking forward to in playing their sport at the college level.

Achona: What is the most exciting part about signing?

Katie: “The most exciting part about signing is that I have achieved a goal I have been working towards my entire life. After years of practice, not getting to hang out with my friends, and many other sacrifices, I reached my goal and my dream.”

Haley: “The feeling of accomplishing a goal that I have had for so many years.”

Achona: What are you most looking forward to in playing your sport at the college level?

Katie: “I am most looking forward to getting better in my craft, and perfecting my skills. I am also really excited to have another family that I know will support me in everything I do, like my Academy Sisters.”

Haley: “I am most looking forward to the connections with the team and playing with new people at such an elevated level of competition.”

Achona: What is the process you have to go through to sign?

Hannah: “It has been a really long process. Freshman year was when my club coach had us email all college coaches to come watch us play, and that happened all the way up to junior year. During Sophomore and Junior year I toured colleges, and had phone calls with the college coaches. Finally junior year after doing everything, I verbally committed. After verbally committing there was a lot of work that needed to be done up until the signing day.”

Julia P: “The process in order to get here started in December of my sophomore year when UCONN first watched me play. The head coach wanted to talk to me about potentially going there. I toyed with the idea and continued to keep my options open. I decided that due to the quality of the program, coaching staff, and school that I wanted to look more into it. In December of my junior year, my mom and I took a trip to Connecticut and a month later I committed.”

Achona: Why did you decide to sign (In general and regarding the specific school that you signed to)?

H: “Once I toured University of North Florida I knew it was going to be a right fit for me, and playing soccer there made my decision easier.”

J: “I decided to sign to UCONN because my main goal was to play at a top 25 ranked school. Also, I found that the deception to the sport fit among my morals.”

Achona: What does all of the support from your Academy sisters mean to you?

Camille: “It means so much that so many people came out to support all of us signing and it shows how much we care about one another. I do not know what I am going to do without everyone next year.”

Achona: In what ways do you feel that playing a varsity sport will contribute to the college experience?

Camille: “One of the reasons I am excited to play in college is because when I grow up I want to work for ESPN as a sportscaster, so playing volleyball at a Division One school will help me out a lot.”

Achona: Aside from running for Academy, what other experiences do you have with track?

Morgan: “I actually danced from second to tenth grade competitively, but it just took up too much time and I didn’t like it anymore so I decided to start track.”

Achona: What are you most looking forward to in playing your sport at the college level?

Morgan: “I am most excited to be surrounded with people who have the same interests as me and to make a lot of new friends. I am also really excited to be in Boca. It’s a really cool city and FAU is close to the beach.”


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