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Bella Besece
Bella Besece is a junior staff writer for the Achona. As a first-year member of the Achona, Besece is finding the balance between her other activities and writing for the newspaper. Not only is she the Head of Fundraising for Chain Reaction, a member of Best Buddies, and in the Key Club, she is also a competitive dancer and a cheerleader for Jesuit High School.  As a junior, Besece is looking forward to getting her Junior Ring, prom, and planning the Student Showcase, where she will be able to utilize her competitive dance skills in front of a large Academy audience. Not shy in the spotlight, Besece hopes to continue dancing once she leaves the Academy with her sights set on attending Auburn or Florida State. When she’s not dancing or working with her clubs, Besesce is hanging out with friends at Yoko Sushi, watching the Vampire Diaries, or shopping at Nordstrom or Shein. She loves her two dogs, Miley and Macie, and her younger brother, Bryce, whose speech impediment inspired her to want to become a speech pathologist.

Bella Besece, Junior Staff Writer

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Bella Besece