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April 27, 2017


Credit: Jenna Wiley (used with permission)

Jenna Wiley says, “I loved how Nashville was a good balance between the city and campus life. I also really liked how much it was routed in music.”

This August, the Academy class of 2017, will go all over the United States for college. In choosing which place was best for them, different people had different factors upon picking the perfect school for them.

University of Florida

  • Allison Wehle
      “One of the things that helped me decide to go to UF was how close it was to home. I’m really close with my family and didn’t want to be to far so that was a huge plus for me. Also, I can not wait to eat my weight in Krispy Kreme donuts because my mom will not be there to yell at me afterwards.”
Credit: Sophia Bahr (used with permission)
“The day I heard back from Florida, I Felt so much excitement that I knew it was the place I was meant to go to,” says Mary Kate Urbanski.

Florida State University

  • Emily Hoerbelt
      “ I just got accepted to the BA School of Theatre program at FSU and I’m really excited to be a part of that and see where it takes me in the future.”

Loyola University Chicago

  • Laura Henry
      “My mom just happened to mention that I should apply to Loyola Chicago because we like Chicago and why not? After I had gotten my acceptance I kind of shrugged it off still not wanting to go all that much but then I was talking with other people that would be in my class and then eventually went to look at campus and I fell in love with it.”
Credit: Laura Henry (used with permission)
Chicago is home to dozens of colleges making is a great balance between city and college life.

George Mason University

  • Jhuztin Honrado
      “I visited GMU for the Washington Journalism & Media Conference and fell in love with the school not even knowing what it was beforehand.”

Univeristy of Pennsylvania

  • Nicole Browne
      “Penn has a huge percentage of international students, so I’m excited to get to know them and hear different perspectives. And while I may be moving far away from home, I have family in Philly to support me as I make this leap.”

Clemson University

  • Ashley Lambert
      “I am excited for tailgating and just being on my own and having freedom to do almost anything – but also not excited for communal bathrooms.”

Hunter College

  • Claire Leto
      • “I’m excited to attend Hunter because there are many resources at my fingertips in order to further my interests. They have a great honors program for Civics and Policymaking, which I will be a part of! I think I’m more excited to live in NYC and be able to explore whenever I want and have that real sense of independence. I also have family in the city so I’ll have a home away from home.”

Belmont University

  • Jenna Wiley
      “I’m super excited to live in Nashville, meet new people, and get to know a lot of good musicians at Belmont.”


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