2018-2019 Student Council Officer Elections

March 23, 2018


Credit: Olivia Fernandez/Achona Online Throughout the week, candidates hung up posters and handed out goodies to classmates to get their names out for the election.

Elections for the 2018-2019 Student Council officer positions took place today Friday, March 23, 2018. Members of council are allowed to run for multiple officer positions. Incoming Seniors can run for either President or Vice President, and incoming Juniors can run for Treasurer, Recording Secretary, or Corresponding Secretary. While current Freshmen are not allowed to run for office, they are still able to run for a representative position again for their Sophomore year. Below are the candidates for the 2018-2019 Student Council Officer Elections.

Candidates for President Include:

  • Chanita Belcher (‘19), a member since junior year, said, “I am excited for the election because I can’t wait to see everyone’s videos. I’m running because Student Council teaches you how to be a leader and I believe I am ready to be one.”

Chanita Belcher – Candidate for President *Winner

  • Olivia Fernandez (‘19), a member since freshman year, Junior Juliana Jett said, “My friend Olivia is running because she is very dedicated to student council and is willing to take on the challenge. I am very proud of all the hard work she has done for this election, and her showing good sportsmanship towards her competitors.”

Olivia Fernandez – Candidate for President

  • Charli Young (‘19), a member since sophomore year said, “Running and campaigning is just super fun all together. Making posters, recording a video, and passing out food is a good way for you to get to know your classmates. I encourage everyone to run for an office next year.”

Charli Young – Candidate for President

  • Charlotte Carl (‘19), a member since freshman year said, “I am excited but also nervous. I am running because I have seen what student council can do when it is run well and I want to be able to bring it back to how great it was.”

Charlotte Carl – Candidate for President


Candidates for Vice President Include:

  • Sophie Ragano (‘19), a member since sophomore year said, “I’m super excited for this upcoming election.  I spent this year as a secretary, and I really enjoyed being apart of student council. I’m running because I’d like to be even more apart of student council, especially the decision making process.”

Sophie Ragano – Candidate for Vice-President

  • Maria Almendares (‘19), a member since sophomore year said, “I have always loved being involved in helping to make the student body and the AHN community as happy as possible and I am excited to have the possibility of doing more if I am elected. If elected I hope to help the student body and to keep an open mind to ensure that everyone has a fun school year.

Maria Almendares – Candidate for Vice-President *Winner


Candidate for Treasurer Include:

  • Caroline Lamoreaux (‘20), a member since freshman year, “I’m pretty excited for the election! I had so much fun filming and editing my video. I want to run because I want to make a positive difference at this school and impact the student body through student council.

Caroline Lamoureux – Candidate for Treasurer *Winner


Candidates for Recording Secretary Include:

  • Gabby Butler (‘20), a member since freshman year, “I’m running because I’ve really enjoyed being on council these past two years and I want to be more involved.

Gabby Butler – Candidate for Corresponding Secretary

  • Reagan Finch (‘20), a member since sophomore year, said, “I’m super excited for elections. I decided to run for corresponding secretary because there’s a lot of responsibility when you’re in Student Council. People are counting on you to do your job. I strive under that ‘pressure’, so I would do well in an office position.”

Reagan Finch – Candidate for Corresponding Secretary * Winner


Candidates for Corresponding Secretary Include:

  • Katelyn Chau (‘20), a member since freshman year, said “I’m running for this position because I have been in council for two years now, and I am extremely dedicated to it. As secretary, I would always put forth my best effort and make sure that all events are organized.”

Katelyn Chau – Candidate for Recording Secretary *Winner

  • Callie Mellon (‘20), a member since sophomore year, said, “I’m running because I want to represent my grade and make the student council better. I’m also excited to see all the cool things that the council has in store for next year.”

Callie Mellon – Candidate for Recording Secretary


* POST UPDATED 3/27 to reflect the winners of the election.

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