(Photo Credit: Caroline Lamarouex/Used with permission)

The Class of 2020 at their Senior Tailgate signifying the start of our senior year.

Dear Class of 2020

March 26, 2020

Dear Seniors,

If someone would have told me in August that we would be spending our last months of high school trapped in our houses due to a world wide pandemic, I would have looked at them like they were crazy.

However, this is our new reality. If there is one thing I have learned about our class over the past four years it is that we are resilient when it comes to change.

(Photo Credit: Anna Warnke/Used with permission)
The Class of 2020 on their freshman retreat at the Bethany Center in 2016.

The thought of the unknown is scary and unsettling. We are left wondering if we will return to school, get to have our senior prom, have a senior skip and prank day, go to grad bash, run through the halls, have silver coffee and mother daughter brunch, senior fair well and most importantly, graduation. Still in the midst of the unknown, we are embracing this change to the best of our abilities.

Covid-19 has robbed us from enjoying our last two months of high school. However, our sisterhood has been stronger than ever. We still reach out to each other, talk to each other, and make sure everyone is doing ok. While we do not get to see each other in person every day, we have technology that allows us to see each other virtually.

We are blessed to be safe in our houses, and to be surrounded by our loved ones during this scary time. We know that this is necessary to keep everyone safe and help flatten the curve.

I am so proud of our class for being so flexible with this huge change that was thrown on us unexpectedly and not complaining about everything that has been cancelled or postponed.

(Photo Credit: Caroline Lamarouex/Used with permission)
The class of 2020 showing school spirit at a pep rally during our Junior year.

While there is a possibility that we will not return to Academy for our final weeks of high school, we still have amazing memories that we have made over the past four years that Covid-19 can’t take from us; from getting the sword our freshman year and the many pep rallies and sports games attended.

While we did not know that Senior Retreat could be the last time we would all be together, we still shared many special moments that brought our class closer together. We are blessed that we got to spend those moments together because that is something most high school seniors do not get to experience.

(Photo Credit: Bella Addison/Used with permission)
Seniors Grace Anthony, Olivia Tremonti and Olivia Williams at the Senior Tailgate.

This is a lesson to all of us, enjoy the times we have with each other because we do not know when the last time could be. Cherish the memories that we made at school, even if it was the last place you wanted to be.

I am heartbroken that we may not get to be together again, but these are unprecedented times. All we can do is keep praying that things can get back to normal soon. Play games with your families, FaceTime your friends and check up on classmates and teachers. Our sisterhood is vital during this time. We can all come together to make our senior year as memorable as possible, even though this is not how we imagined it at all. I miss every single one of you and know that this will all be over soon.

Love your fellow senior,



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  • Adriana James-RodilMar 27, 2020 at 1:32 pm

    This is such a beautiful letter, and I truly hope you all have the opportunity to experience all the traditional events like silver coffee and grad bash. Stay strong!!

  • Isabella PiboolnurukMar 26, 2020 at 4:34 pm

    i love this sooo much thank u for this <3

  • Danielle FinsterMar 26, 2020 at 3:17 pm

    This was so sweet Kristin. Thank you to everyone for making high school memorable for me. Love you all <3