The basket that is being raffled for the Class of 2021 Senior Endowment is currently present in the second floor common area. Instructions for how to purchase raffle tickets and Christmas ornaments are also present with the basket. (Photo Credit: Emara Saez/Achona Online)
The basket that is being raffled for the Class of 2021 Senior Endowment is currently present in the second floor common area. Instructions for how to purchase raffle tickets and Christmas ornaments are also present with the basket.

Photo Credit: Emara Saez/Achona Online

The Class of 2021 Fundraises for the Senior Endowment

December 11, 2020

Every year, the senior class contributes to their own class senior endowed scholarship. The scholarship endowed programs are used for student scholarships and for faculty and staff development. The senior endowment is central to ensuring the legacy of the Sisters in educating a diverse student body. At graduation, the Class of 2021 will present a check with the scholarship dollars they raised for the school throughout the 2020-2021 school year.

From its inception in 2005, the interest generated off of the amount donated for each class’ senior endowed scholarship has been central to raising funds for incoming Academy students. Typically, events such as Movie on the Lawn and the talent show have been utilized to raise funds, but the class of 2021 has had to modify the normal fundraising traditions due to COVID-19.

The Senior Class President for the Class of 2021 is Asha Sneed. She is assisted by eight Senior Class Vice Presidents: Angie Prince, Adrianna Vargas, Lizzie Gold, Clare Grammig, Grace Cronen, Lizzie Newcom, Bella Ferrie, and Stephanie Oehler. They are led by Director of Alumni Relations Patricia Bohannan and Fundraising Associate Alexandra Diaz.

“Coming up with creative, COVID-friendly ways to raise money has been the most difficult. Usually, the Senior Endowment is able to rake in a good chunk of money from our annual Movie on the Lawn event, but this year we are unable to have it. We had to rely on coming up with completely new ways of fundraising, and I think we’ve done pretty well,” said Senior Vice President Adrianna Vargas.

One of the ways the 2021 senior class officers have decided to raise money is through a raffle for a dinner basket with a value of over $600. Each student in the Class of 2021 was given ten tickets to sell to make up for the profits typically made from Movie on the Lawn. Tickets are one for $5 or five for $20; they can be purchased from any senior, the advancement office, or through this link.

The tickets can be purchased with cash, check, or through Venmo (@AHN-Alumni). (Photo Credit: Emara Saez/Achona Online)

“One of the most challenging aspects of fundraising is planning unique events that bring in funds but also comply with COVID-19 guidelines. With this, it was crucial for us to develop new and profitable fundraising techniques. As a result, we created the ‘Dinner Out’ raffle basket and the ornament sale. Although Movie on the Lawn is a beloved tradition that we are sad we cannot participate in this year, these new events are also extremely fun,” said Senior Vice President Clare Grammig.

The basket includes dinner for four at Bernini of Ybor, dinner at Jimbo’s BBQ, dinner at Byblos, dessert at the Dessert Spot, and a $200 Gift Card for use at any BE-1 Concept Restaurant such as Boca, Steelbach, Ciro’s, Stones Throw, M. Bird, or Sea Critters.

The winners of the basket will be announced on Wednesday, Dec. 16. The senior class officers are also selling Christmas ornaments for $10. The ornaments can be purchased online through this link. Each ornament will have the purchaser’s student class pictures on it and will be placed on the big Christmas tree on the front lawn. After Christmas break, the ornaments will be given to the individuals who purchased them.

The senior class officers will be handcrafting and decorating each ornament that is purchased.  (Photo Credit: Grace Cronen/Used with permission)

In January, the student class officers will be raffling three exclusive tye-dyed AHN sweatshirts as another fundraising event. As the school heads into second semester, more fundraising events for the Class of 2021 Senior Endowment will be planned and announced. COVID-19 has altered many school traditions, but fundraising for the Class of 2021 Senior Endowment will continue throughout the year, just like it has for every class since 2005.

“My favorite part of being a class VP is knowing that I am making a difference for future students that will be eligible to attend Academy because of scholarships funded by the senior endowment. The senior endowment is important to me because I want to contribute to allowing students to receive an Academy education regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds,” said Senior Vice President Stephanie Oehler.

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