Juniors Grace Odmark, Claire Wong, and Lucy Dyer pose with their awards. (Katia Huddleston/Achona Online)
Juniors Grace Odmark, Claire Wong, and Lucy Dyer pose with their awards.

Katia Huddleston/Achona Online

Academy Celebrates Underclassmen Achievements at 9-11 Awards

May 28, 2021

On May 26, the student body gathered for the Grades 9—11 awards ceremony. Due to social distancing protocols for COVID-19, The Academy hadn’t allowed for an all-school convocation in the 2020-2021 school year. However, with CDC guidelines relaxing, the Academy decided to hold the ceremony in person rather than via Google Meet, however, everyone in the audience was still required to wear masks.

The winners are as follows:

  1. Anne Frank Humanitarian Award 2021: Elizabeth McCree
  2. American Legion 2021 Girls State Program: Chloe Mintz, Allie Pramberger, and Anna Reins (’22)
  3. American Legion Award for Good Citizenship: Mary McGuane (’22)
  4. Athena Young Women of Promise Award: Angelica Fogarty (’22)
  5. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Award for an Outstanding Student in Science and Math: Elise Favret (’22)
  6. The University of Rochester Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award: Laura Caroline Jung (’22)
  7. The University of Rochester Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award Program in the Humanities and Social Sciences: Torrie Bradley (’22)
  8. The University of Rochester George Eastman Young Leaders Program: Allie Pramberger
  9. The University of Rochester Xerox Award for Innovation & Information Technology: Claire Wong
  10. Clarkson University Leadership Award: Catherine Berg (’22) and Andrea Rogas (’22)
  11. Dartmouth College Book Award: Chloe Mintz
  12. High Point University Junior Scholars Program: Amal Daas (’22), Paige McGuinn (’22), Bethany Masiello (’22), and Anna Reins
  13. Lasell University Award: Arianna Cortes (’22)
  14. Princeton University Book Award: Laura Caroline Jung
  15. Saint Michael’s College Book Award: Bella Burns and Sophia Torres
  16. St. Larence University Book Award: Gabrielle Morrison (’22)
  17. University of Vermont Citizen Scholar Book Award: Grace Odmark
  18. The University of Virginia Jefferson Book Award: Elizabeth McCree
  19. Wells College Leadership Award: Lucy Dyer and Maeve Miller (’22)
  20. Mayor’s Youth Corps of Tampa: Colleen Buckhorn (’23), Morgan McPherson (’24), Bella Otte (’24), and Lauren Wehling (’23)
  21. Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Foundation Leadership Award: Lauren Wehling and Brynn Wilary (’23)
  22. National Latin Exam Awards:
    1. Beginning Latin: Caitlin Ham (’24), Sabrina Muhsen (’24), Reagan Miller (’24), Sellome Haile (’24), and Kathryn Burke (’24)
    2. Intermediate Latin: Sofia Girgenti (’23), Karly Luikart (’24), Alana Young (’23), Emma Bernier (’24), Chloe Hilsman (’23), Christa Masiello (’24), Linnea Nestor (’23), Katherine Merrill (’23), Sadie Patrick (’23)
    3. Intermediate Reading Comprehension: Sophia Pal (’22), Elise Favret, Aspen Hunter (’23), Katherine Petitt (’23), Winsome Storm (’23), Avery Rogan (’23)
  23. Visual Arts Awards: Mary Grash Nash (’23), Caitlin Ham, Jordan Ritter (’24), Emory Peterson (’22), Teyah Younes (’22), Bianca DeQuesada (’22), Kaitlin McHugh (’23), and Brynn Wilary
  24. Performing Arts Award: Gianna Lanese (’23), Catherine Berg, Bethany Masiello, Maeve Miller, Mikayla Croissant (’23), Karly Luikart, and Isabel Bequer (’23)
  25. Over 100 Hours of Service for Freshmen: Sophia Moore (124 hours), Hailey Aulicino (171 hours), Ashlin Cannella (186 hours), Sadie Patrick (286 hours), and Madison Maxwell (421 hours)
  26. Over 200 Hours of Service for Sophomores: Sofia Miranda (209 hours), Cameron Capaz (223 hours), Avery Rodriguez (227 hours), Amanda Chau (238 hours), Abigail Chudzinski (238 hours), Sophie Odmark (307 hours), Isabella Hifko (312 hours), and Riley Griess (435 hours)
  27. Over 300 Hours of Service for Juniors: Sadie Campbell (348 hours), Elizabeth Menendez (369 hours), Cassandra Hiatt (515 hours), and Grace Odmark (1003 hours)
  28. Freshman Esse Quam Videri Winners:
    1. 1st Quarter: Dana Camp, Katelyn Micko, and Alexandra Ragano
    2. 2nd Quarter: Ashlin Canella, Reagan Hernandez, and Sadie Patrick
    3. 3rd Quarter: Kathryn Burke, Tegan Drinkwater, and Amelia Gartska
    4. 4th Quarter: Lilliana Holman, Reagan Miller, and Kamila Muraharisetti
  29. Sister Irene Marie Brunelle Memorial Alumni Scholarship: Sadie Campbell
  30. Sister Mary Patricia Plumb Speech and Debate Scholarship Award: Leslie Sanchez
  31. Light Foundation Scholarship:
    1. Outstanding Sophomore Recipient: Isabella Hifko
    2. Outstanding Junior Recipient: Grace Odmark
  32. Junior of the Year: Chloe Mintz
  33. Sister Mary Patricia Plumb Staff Service Award: Darcy Dwyer (Guidance)
  34. Teacher of the Year: Sofia Curry
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