10 Struggles Only People With Unique Names Will Understand

October 18, 2016


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While many people may be annoyed with how unique their name is, just know that it’s what make you, YOU!

1. Having to always spell out your name when ordering something at Starbucks.

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2. Even when you do spell out your name, the baristas always end up spelling it completely wrong.

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3. Whenever you have a substitute teacher, they always hesitate when they get to your name during attendance.

Credit: Giphy Sophomore Brielle Gentile comments, “The hardest thing about having a unique name is always having it mispronounced and misspelled. It has gotten to the point where if someone asks I just say that ‘it’s Gabrielle with the Ga.’ Sometimes teachers don’t even try to pronounce it.”

4. When typing your name, you always have to click “Ignore All” since it thinks your name is a typo.

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5. Never finding your name on any souvenir keychains or Coke bottles.

Credit: Giphy Sophomore Myah Rhines share, “The biggest challenge of having my name would be that I can never buy things with pre-made names on them because they never spell ‘Myah’ the way that I do.”

6. Getting assigned strange nicknames from people so it “makes their life easier”.

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7. Taking the first 10 minutes on the phone with customer service just to teach them how to say your name.

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8. Never getting a birthday card addressed to the correct person.

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9. Being called by your last name when people give up on trying to pronounce your first name.

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10. Constantly being called “exotic” or “unique” by everybody you introduce yourself to.

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