PSAT Takes Over Twitter

October 27, 2016

On Wednesday, October 19, Sophomores and Juniors all over the country took the PSAT, or the Preliminary SAT. 

Although students are not supposed talk about the test, Twitter is always filled with tweets joking about certain questions on the PSAT. This is one of the things that students always look forward to the most because it serves as a stress reliever after the three hour test.

“Every year after I take the test, I always check Twitter because the tweets are so funny. There are already so many people joking about the test on Twitter just minutes after it’s over”, stated Junior, Kenna Weathers.

“One of the hardest things on the PSAT was that they always made you explain how you got your answer in a follow up question. So if you guessed, it was really difficult to answer that question,” admitted sophomore, Blakely Byrd.

In addition, sophomore, Myah Rhines, explained, “I thought it was funny on the math section that it asked us to find the measure of angle DAB because I know everyone immediately thought of the dab.”

Below are some of some of the most popular Tweets that came out after the PSAT:







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