Ways to Pay It Forward this Thanksgiving

November 15, 2016


Participating in the Thanksgiving can food drive is a fun, school-wide way to give back to the Tampa community. Photo Credit: Audrey Anello/AchonaOnline

A popular way to give back to Tampa’s community is to “pay it forward”. Paying it forward is a term that is most commonly known through the popular 2000 drama, Pay It Forward. The idea behind this form of almsgiving is to surprise someone, usually a stranger, by doing a kind act. Below is a list of ways to incorporate paying it forward in the next few weeks.

At the drive through, pay for the customer behind you.

Courtesy of giphy.com
Courtesy of giphy.com


Bring a friend breakfast

Courtesy of giphy.com
Courtesy of giphy.com
Junior Elle Lehman comments, “I love when my friends surprise me with food, I try to pass it along by doing it too!” Photo Credit: Audrey Anello/AchonaOnline

Surprise your mom with flowers

Courtesy of gihpy.com
Courtesy of gihpy.com

Theology teacher Jaime Meyer adds, “Buy flowers for your Mom and write a note thanking her for her unconditional love and for the example she has given you for what makes a woman truly beautiful.”

Volunteer with friends at a soup kitchen

Courtesy of giphy.com
Courtesy of giphy.com

Large organizations like Metropolitan Ministries need as much help during the holiday season as a local parish might. Being open to help out and donate a few hours to the less fortunate is always appreciated by those you are directly and indirectly affecting.

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