The Benefits of Eating Breakfast

January 19, 2017

According to the website, “Research shows that children who eat breakfast have healthier weights than children who skip breakfast and also perform better on memory tests.”

Eating a good and wholesome breakfast consisting of protein and fiber is a great way to kickstart your morning. Many AHN girls find benefits in eating breakfast before school and believe to be more energized when starting their day off on a full stomach.

Rush University and Medical Center have done studies regarding the importance of eating breakfast and the science behind it all. They claim it is the most important meal of the day because of the effects it has on your body. “When skipping breakfast your body receives the message to conserve calories rather than to burn them”, this implies that it is unhealthy for people to skip breakfast due to the fact it causes you to gain weight rather than lose it.

Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day, but here is a list of the ways you will benefit from eating breakfast and some healthy food suggestions.

An example of a protein-packed, wholesome breakfast in a piece of whole wheat toast with a sunnyside-up egg and avocado. Photo Credit: Alexa Traviesa/Achona Online

1. Boosts Metabolism

An essential way to boost your metabolism other than exercise is by eating the proper meals of the day, especially breakfast. Breakfast should consist of protein, fiber, and vitamins that your body needs to kickstart the day. Studies have shown that by starting your day off by eating breakfast helps increase your metabolism.

Senior Ally Wehle says, “If I do not start my day off by eating breakfast I feel like I’m going to pass out. It gives me the boost of energy I need to get through my day. I feel like in order to maintain a healthy body, you must eat all the necessary meals of the day, especially breakfast.”

Fruit is a great way to get your dose of fiber for the morning, along with a glass of orange juice for some essential vitamin C. Photo Credit: Alexa Traviesa/Achona Online

2. Helps you stay focused and alert throughout the day

Junior, Isabel Toranzo says, “ I always have to eat breakfast in the morning. Not only does it give me energy to start my day, but it makes me more alert and not tired throughout the day!”

A plate of fruit consists of many key nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to wake up in the morning. Photo Credit: Alexa Traviesa/Achona Online

3. Helps energize your body for the rest of your day

Junior, Evan Greek says, “Eating a healthy breakfast is so important for the rest of your day; I always try to eat fruit and a protein in the morning to keep up my energy throughout the day.”

One of Greek’s favorite breakfast meals: “This is a yogurt and fruit bowl from Piquant in Hyde Park, with a chai latte.” Photo Credit: Evan Greek (used with permission).

4. Puts you in a better mood

Sophomore, Rebekah Eicholtz said, “Whenever I start my day by eating breakfast I always feel more positive and energetic for the rest of my day.”

Raisin Bran contains 16 grams of sugar, but it is still an example of a healthy cereal consisting of a high amount of whole wheat fibers and some raisins for protein. Photo Credit: Alexa Traviesa/Achona Online

5. Aids in long term health

Eating breakfast helps prevent high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes because it helps manage your weight by kickstarting your metabolism and regulating your blood sugar levels. According to, “Harvard School of Public Health researchers looked at the health outcomes of 26,902 men and found that men who skipped breakfast had a 27% higher risk of heart attack or death from heart disease compared to men who regularly ate breakfast.”

Eggs, ham, and toast are a great source of protein to kickstart your day. Photo Credit: Alexa Traviesa/Achona Online.


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