Unconventional Museums to Visit Around the Country

January 26, 2017


The DalĂ­ is a popular art museum around Tampa and was even considered for a Christmas Formal venue Photo Credit: Grace Neal/Achona Online

Visiting art museums is a great way to spend a day and learn about art or history in an interesting way. Yet, sometimes typical museums may get mundane or expected, and a new twists to common exhibits gives a fresh look to the art scene. There are so many unique variations of exhibits and art shows from a lunch box museum in Georgia to a McDonalds museum in Illinois. Florida also offers a wide range of museums due to the tourist population in the state. Whether around the whole country or right in Florida, here are tons of unconventional museums to provide a new perspective to the creative world.

1. Take a peak at this unconventional light exhibit at the Museum of Neon Art in Glendale, California


2. Look for the most cringe worthy art at the Museum of Bad Art in Brookline, Massachusetts



  3. Take a look into the life of past relationships through little modern artifacts at the Museum of Broken Relationships in Los Angeles, California 


4. This math and physics themed museum will attract all number lovers to the Museum of Math in New York, New York


5. Find out more about the mob life of gangsters in American History at the Museum of the American Gangster in New York, New York



For more accessible options in Florida, here are some museums located right around the state that have a unique twist to typical exhibits.

1.Take a break from paintings or photography and enjoy a wide collection of sea shells at the Bailey Matthews National Shell museum in Sanibel, Florida


2. See what pirates were really like at the St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum in St.Augustine, Florida


3. Enjoy an aviation themed exhibit at the Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, Florida



4. Dive into the surrealism of Salvador Dali at the Dali Museum in St.Petersburg, Florida


5. For all science lovers out there, the Orlando Science Center in Orlando, Florida is the perfect place to go for a day filled with entertainment and experimentation


With all the historical or contemporary art shows and exhibits, taking a break and going out to offbeat museums can be refreshing. There are so many different types of museums out there waiting to be explored, but for a show close to home, visit Academy’s very own Arts Fest on April 27.

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