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February 24, 2017


Many AHN students give up their study hall for at least one semester to complete required credits. Photo Credit: Pixabay

Late in third quarter, the time comes to choose classes for the upcoming school year. AHN students strive to balance required credits, Honors or AP classes, and classes that interest them. Designing a schedule can be frustrating and confusing, but ultimately, it should be finalized into a plan for classes that will be challenging but achievable.

  • How are you currently doing?

If you are taking a CP course, and it has proven to be a challenge, ask yourself a few questions before moving up into Honors:

Why do I want to take an Honors class?

What is my plan for success in this class?

What does my current teacher think about my plan to move up a level?

Moving from CP to Honors, or Honors to AP, is certainly feasible and even encouraged, but it is important to consider many factors before taking on a higher workload.

Sheldon Cooper, a lead role in CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory, demonstrates how most students feel when homework gets overwhelming. Credit: Courtesy of

Junior, Jules LaVoy, says, “Before I moved up into Honors French, I knew the material would get harder and there would be more homework, but I was ready put in the extra effort. I thought about the other classes I planned on taking and I knew I could do it.”

  • Consider extracurriculars

If you are involved in theatre, religious activities, or play multiple sports, consider the amount of time you’ll realistically have to study and get homework done. Studying for five AP classes becomes much more challenging when you’re at practice for two hours everyday after school.

You may soon become exhausted by trying to balance Honors or AP workloads with sports and clubs.                                            Credit: Courtesy of


  • Think about the schedule as a whole
Some classes are only one semester, making it easier to balance a heavy workload. Credit: Courtesy of

When picking classes, think about how your schedule will flow together. If you overload on Honors or AP, those classes may fall on the same day. Could you make that work?

  • Talk to your teachers or guidance
The AHN college counseling department will always reassure you of the best plan of action, so take a deep breath before panicking about your schedule.                                                                                        Credit: Courtesy of

One of the best resources when making schedule decisions are your current teachers and the guidance department. Your teachers understand how you learn and your level of preparation, and they can advise you on which class will fit you the best. The guidance department can help you determine which classes will build a strong college application while still maintaining your sanity.

Sophomore, Greta Dieck, said, “I talked to Ms. Adams about taking APUSH and she helped me understand how hard it would be, so now I feel better prepared.”

  • Pick classes you’re interested in

Between AP, Honors, extracurriculars, and planning for college, students can get lost and forget the most important part of a class schedule: are you learning about things you like? A student may not be passionate about every subject, but she should prioritize including some classes that she will truly enjoy.

Credit: Courtesy of

Junior, Feraby Hoffman, says, “Painting is one class that I just wanted to take. I had to switch around my entire schedule to make it work, but I really love painting and it’s nice to have a class that’s fun for me.”

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