HOA: Lexie Diez Nominated for Service Award

February 27, 2017


Photo Credit: Lexi Diez (used with permission) Ashley Lambert said “Lexi’s passion for Sand Life has inspired me to be more involved in the community.”

Senior Lexie Diez was nominated for the More Inspiring Award this past month. Diez was nominated for the award as recognition for her work her project Sand Life. Sand Life is a clothing company angled towards making clothes and accessories for beach volleyball players. The More Inspiring Award is for people under 21 for doing something to better the community.

Photo Credit: Lexie Diez (used with permission)
Dies said “The people I have met through starting Sand Life have been so supportive through everything.”

Achona: What inspired you to start sand life?

Lexie Diez: I was inspired to start Sand Life when I realized that as a beach volleyball player, there aren’t many companies that focus on specifically beach attire. Typically, clothes and accessories are for indoor volleyball.

A: Can you explain a little more on the inspiring award?

LD: The Wedu Be More Inspiring award is for people up to 21 that have somehow contributed to bettering the community.

A: What were your feelings after being nominated?

LD: Even though I haven’t actually won the award yet, but being nominated meant a lot to me. If I win, I’ll be extremely happy especially knowing that I’ll be able to get more recognition for Hope Children’s Home.

A: What is the most valuable thing you have learned since starting sand life?

LD: The most valuable thing I earned from Sand Life is that working for something is so much more rewarding when you’re doing something to help others. Finding the girls from Hope Children’s Home inspired me to work harder on raising money for them because I knew how much it meant to them. The relationships I gained with them is by far the best thing that’s come from having Sand Life.

Photo Credit: Lexie Diez (used with permission)
Claire Leto said “Hearing Lexie talk about all of the kids she has met warms my heart. I love when she comes back and tells us stories because I can always tell how passionate she is.”

A: Do you have any goals set for sand life?

LD: Yes, I hope to continue to have an annual beach volleyball tournament around Thanksgiving in honor of Hope Children’s Home. Hopefully every year we’ll raise more than the previous.

A: Do you plan to do a similar project in college?

LD: I haven’t planned on starting something similar so at this point I’m focusing on expanding Sand Life while I’m in college.


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