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February 7, 2018


There are over 120 different kinds of shampoo on the market. PhotoCredit: Achona Online

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. These three steps have been instilled into girls at a young age in order to keep their hair healthy. There are many different kinds hair which all require different kinds of shampoo. The students at Academy all represent the variety of hair types. Whether it be colored hair, ethnic hair, straight hair, or curly hair all hair types need different attention. Everyone is different and each shampoo may react differently on every person.

Curly Hair

Embracing one’s curly hair can be very difficult and hard to maintain. This all begins with the correct shampoo. Curly hair itself is usually dired by nature than straight hair, because of this it is important to use a shampoo with hydrating abilities. Garnier offers a hydrating shampoo with ingredients like shea butter and hibiscus to ensure that the hair is properly hydrated.

With natural curly hair, experts say it is better not to brush it. (Photo Credit: Gabi Jordan/Achona Online)

Noelle Choueifati (‘20) has curly hair and uses this shampoo.

“My hair is very curly and I like this shampoo because it keeps my scalp hydrated and leaves my curls bouncy.”

Ethnic Hair

Ethnic Hair requires shampoo with moisturizing abilities. Using an oil based moisturizing shampoo will help to seal in the water and keep your hair hydrated. Ethnic hair often needs more care in order to avoid breakage and stay healthy. Sulfate free shampoos are an amazing way to ensure healthy hair. OGX offers a great sulfate free hydrating shampoo.

Nyla Jacobs (‘18) has very curly traditional ethnic hair. She uses the OGX shampoo.

Jacobs loves how many different ways she can wear her hair do to its curliness. Photo Credit: Nyla Jacobs (used with permission)

Thin Hair

For a natural way to thicken hair, coconut oil is a great at home remedy. Photo Credit: Gabi Jordan/Achona Online


Thin hair may seem to be a blessing to the girls with unmanageable locks, but it in itself can be very hard to maintain. The thinner ones hair is, the easier it is to get greasy and appear dirtier sooner. For thin hair, it is important to find a shampoo that focuses on cleaning as a priority. Head and Shoulders is a shampoo which leaves hair clean without weighing down the hair and eliminating volume. This shampoo also aids in repairing damage which results in dandruff.

Olivia Perez (‘20) has thin brown hair, she uses the shampoo to specifically get rid of dandruff.

“I love head and shoulders because my scalp is really dry and it helps a lot to get rid of my dandruff and keep my hair shiny,”

Colored Hair

After spending who knows how much money on coloring hair, the last thing wanted is for your shampoo to strip your hair of the color. It is important to select a shampoo that is made especially for colored hair. The ingredients are less harsh in order to preserve the dye in the hair. Shu Uemura produces one of the best shampoos on the market for colored hair. 

Natalie Martinez (A ’14) says, ” I have been coloring my hair for a few years now and I love this shampoo. I have tried many others but none of them help me retain my color as well as this one does.”

Natalie once had her hair colored while she was in Greece. Photo Credit: Natalie Martinez (used with permission)



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