AHN Faculty and Staff as Vines

March 27, 2018


There is a rumor going around Twitter that the original creators of Vine are releasing a second version of the app, “Vine 2.0.” (Photo Credit: Achona Online)

Each member of the faculty and staff at AHN has their own unique personality and traits that are specific to each of them. Vine, an app made to create six second videos, was shut down in 2017, and since then the relevancy of the app has skyrocketed. A vine has been chosen to portray the every day actions, personality, and routine of each member of the faculty and staff.

Foreign Language Department

Mrs. Stagg

History Department

Mrs. Nazaretian

Ms. Filocco


Mrs. Chase

Ms. Adams

Mrs. Kearney

Theology Department


Coach Severini

Mr. Vargas

Mrs. Suskauer

Arts Department

Mr. Porter

Buildings and Grounds

Ralph, Mr. Boardman, and Mr. Kubiak

Science Department

Mr. Sloshberg

Mrs. Mounce

Mrs. Zambrano



English Department

Ms. LeBlanc

Mrs. Pendleton

Math Department

Mrs. Lamm


Mr. Bland

Mrs. Wynn

Guidance Department

Ms. Pantellis

Mrs. Keegan and Mrs. Dwyer

Ms. Martinez


Mr. Raimo

Mrs. Krukar

Mrs. Hathaway

Nurses’ Office

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