Academy Welcomes Sr. Lisa Perkowski

AHN welcomes Sr. Lisa Perkowski, a new teacher in the visual arts department. After making a long trip from Baltimore, Maryland, she is here to share her wonderful talents with everyone at Academy.

Sr. Lisa Perkowski belongs to an order of nuns called the Servants in the Immaculate Heart of Mary. She attended Marywood University where she received her bachelors degree in visual arts and is now working towards receiving her masters degree in arts and art education from Maryland Institute College of Art.

Sr. Lisa previously taught at Mother Seton Academy in Baltimore, which is “only slightly cooler than Florida.” Although this transition may seem drastic, she feels completely calm and happy in the new setting. She is still not used to the unpredictable Florida rain storms, but she loves the view of the bay and the bright morning skies.However, she admits that she misses the hilly Baltimore terrain and color-changing trees.

Sister Lisa enjoys working with Academy’s high school students. She is happy that she can teach advanced visual arts techniques and provide foundations for freshmen and sophomores by sharing her talents.

Sr. Lisa has always had her love for artwork and “was born an artist.”  From a young age, she would regularly participate in art programs because she was drawn to the beauty and joy of creating.

She said, “The ability to communicate in a visual way provides an important connection to God and allows one to express the divine.”

Currently in her Yearbook Journalism class, students are working on graphic design skills and using InDesign and PhotoShop to publish the yearbook.  Students are busy trading ideas about the upcoming yearbook. However, certain details cannot be given – these ideas are classified!

Students in Sr. Lisa’s Yearbook class adore her both as a teacher and as a person. One student mentions that “she is a very forgiving person and very creative” and also believes that this school year will be “awesome” because of Sr. Lisa’s wonderful talents. Another student agreed that “Sr. Lisa is really cool and she is handling her new role very well.”

AHN  students concur that Sister Lisa is a notable addition to their group of talented staff members.

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Academy Welcomes Sr. Lisa Perkowski