Class of 2016 keeps it fresh

Class of 2016 keeps it fresh

The Freshman Class of 2016 is truly “keeping it fresh” by adapting well to the variety of new changes at AHN.  With new iPads, school lunches, and teachers, the Class of 2016 has an entirely different freshmen experience than the rest of the older girls in the rest of the school.

Upper class women have embraced their new freshman sisters with open arms to make them feel very welcome and at ease in their transitions into high school.  The frosh love their iPads for school, the delicious school lunches, their new friends, the uniforms, and not having to spend much time getting ready for school.

Freshman Olivia Kirkpatrick said,  “I love how I don’t have to try for school.”   Jacqueline Brooker agreed, adding,  “I really like wearing the uniforms.”

With new faculty teaching the majority of their classes, McKenna Davey and Christina Thompson said they did not really know what to expect for the class.  They like their teaching styles and personalities, but it is taking some time to get used to their specific class procedures without any guidance or advice from the upperclasswomen who have not had these teachers before.

Thompson said,  “It’s weird to hear all the older girls talking about the previous teachers and their classes.  Now, they are asking us how the new ones are, but we don’t really know yet.”

With over 100 new sisters, the Class of 2016 is not having a hard time building new friendships.  Already, previous friend groups are fusing together with new groups and getting to know different people.  The girls are all working together to remember the different schedules, which they say are challenging to get used to.

Megan Bajo said,  “I have definitely broadened my friendship group from middle school.”

Booker added, “I am most excited about meeting new people since I didn’t know anyone when I first came here.”

Freshmen are also looking forward to the possibility of attending Jesuit’s Homecoming dance and AHN’s Christmas Formal.  They have heard many fun stories from older Academy girls about them and cannot wait to start making their own Academy memories.

Thus, the freshmen all agreed they are adapting remarkably well to their new school.  They love their Academy experience so far and are definitely excited about the rest of the year here!


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Class of 2016 keeps it fresh