Dynamic trio in Class of 2016

Meghan Wallace, AP Lit Set 7

 Some of the best things in life come in threes, from the Three Musketeers to movie trilogies. Then once in a great while, three people sharing the same birthday come along as well. Though girls of each grade level refer to their fellow classmates as “sisters,” three real-life sisters also reside in the freshman class. Stefannie, Alessandra, and Bryanna Tanase make the term “dynamic duo” pale in comparison to the comraderie shared among this dynamic trio.

Although the sisters kindly divulged that it is in fact annoying, at least sometimes, to be asked about their multiplicity so much, they kindly answered questions about their lives. The clear sisterhood among them expressed itself with their quick-witted remarks to one another and their overall humor with each question.

While they have no other siblings, to each girl, having two sisters certainly seems to be plenty enough. The trio nodded in agreement at Stefannie’s belief that the most enjoyable part of being a triplet is, “Always having someone there to talk to.”

Mixed reviews on whether or not their classmates had noticed their multiplicity arose from Alessandra’s definite “yes” to Stefannie’s admittance of “sometimes.” However, there is still time for them to play a trick on someone using their special triplet life. “Maybe we will, there’s been no opportunity.”

Though triplet life is decidedly exciting, each sister possesses a variety of unique traits not shared by her siblings. Alessandra, described as the techie member of the trio, enjoys video games. In addition, she prefers to draw, and jokingly claimed, “As far as I know, these two have no hobbies.”

Meanwhile Stefannie is the girly sister of the three and enjoys singing just as all three of the sisters do. Bryanna likes to be silly, laugh a lot, and give hugs, with the other two decidedly assenting to her hugging.  Alessandra added,  “She’s a hugger.”

Bryanna also enjoys poetry and kindly pointed out to her sisters that Justin Bieber really does not count as a hobby. Commonalities, other than a birthday of course, include their love of singing.

While they are not friends with any other sets of multiples, they think that having two sisters is complex enough. The three agreed with Stefannie’s statement that, as a triplet, “Everything is more complicated.” When she further explained that life may get crazy and that they fight a lot, Bryanna was quick to amend, “We also get along.”

Although the life of a triplet is a unique experience, Academy has gained not one, but three great additions in Stefannie, Bryanna, and Alessandra.