5 ways to de-stress


Elaine Petrarca

A busy schedule can often cause stress.

As the first month of school draws to a close, the intensity of homework and studying is only increasing. Here are some tips to calm down when you’re feeling overwhelmed:

1. Listen to music

According to the article,Positive Effects of Music in Peoples Lives, by Mark Anthony II, listening to music not only has health benefits but it also stimulates creativity.

“Since music administered to both the left and right side of the brain, it can help spark inspiration the might just be proving to be a little elusive.”

2. Work out

 Stress-and-relaxation   says that “exercise reduces the stress causing hormones – like cortisol and norepinephrine.” The release of endorphins causes feelings of happiness and decrease in pain.

Senior Shae Timmons goes to the gym daily. “Working out is a great stress reliever. Its calms me down, keeps me fit, and I love to workout with friends!”

3. Watch Netflix

Every Academy girl loves to catch up with her favorite shows and movies on Netflix.

Senior Kim Huber uses Netflix regularly, “As soon as I get home from a hectic day at school, I love to watch my favorite shows on Netflix to relax.”

4. Take a shower

The warm water and relaxing smells of soap and shampoo can calm you down.

Bodimojo suggests concentrating on breathing and meditating, or focusing on the water, to relax muscles and wash away stress.

5. Eat/bake

Who doesn’t love to eat and bake their stress away?