Club sign ups bring out the animal in all of us


Photo Credit: Nikki Perrella

Worship Band president KeTaira Phillips eagerly awaits incoming members.

It’s quiet. Too quiet. Everybody is preparing for the sound of rapid footsteps to attack Brady Center North. That sound can only mean one thing: it’s club sign ups, and those stampeding feet sounding in the distance are eager classmates’ attempt to get the clubs of their choice. As they come in class by class, they wonder and look at all the the different clubs. From blue, to white, to gold, their eyes shine with hope when they put their names down on the roster.

Senior Gabrielle Madden found the ordeal entertaining as she accepted applicants for Robotics. “The frantic scrambling of students from table to another, trying to decide from the array of clubs was as amazing as ever to see this year. Over two hundred students signed up for key club which was situated right next to me. However, there were also behind the scenes conferencing of clubs to do projects together. All in all, this exciting event was full of laughter, hope, and excitement that will follow us through the rest of our year.”

Like when Harry Potter’s Cedric Diggory was chosen for the Tri-Wizard Cup, their faces shone with the hope of being able to enlist in the club they desire.

The sign up pandemonium did not begin until the sophomores started to arrive. With the beating of the drum by junior Camerata member Samira Mantri, it began to feel like an African safari with upperclassmen skillfully locating their prey, the clubs they desired, and freshmen wandering around like gazelle, their eyes twinkling while scribbling their names down.

“It was adorable watching the freshmen try to figure out what clubs they were interested in. I just felt bad for some clubs that were overwhelmed with applicants; they couldn’t keep up with the rush!” KeTaira Phillips, senior member of Worship Band, commented as she flipped a rain stick, grabbing the attention of many prospective new members.

The jungle of club sign-ups began to calm was the final freshman class began their trek back to study hall. The hard work being done, all that is left is to wait and see if they made the cut-off their wanted clubs.