Must haves in your bag


Junior Taylor Klinge cannot leave the house without her Longchamp bag

Academy girls are constantly seen out and about in the Bay Area doing a variety of activities ranging from shopping at International Mall to dining at PDQ. No matter where an AHN girl goes, chances are she will be carrying a purse with her. So, what are the thing girls must have in their bag?

1. iPhone

An iPhone is not only a staple in an Academy’s girl bag but also as an accessory. Some may call it their most prized possession. Freshman Bella Guerra says, “my iPhone is always in my purse, ready to use whenever I need it.” Not only is it a way for girls to stay connected with the happenings but to keep in touch with friends.

2. Gum

From fruity to minty, gum is an obvious must have. A little piece of gum can help wake you up and cover up that coffee breath after a Starbucks run. Sophomore Isabella Alfonso says, “gum is my number one, I have to have it with me at all times. My favorite flavor is Cobalt peppermint.”

3. Chapstick

Popular chapstick brands range from Eos to Burt Bee’s. Girls love it, because it not only is a quick way to make your lips look good, but you don’t have to worry about the shade of lipstick. Junior Cecily Curtis declares her love for the product as very neccessary, “Chapstick is basically my makeup essential.”

4. Wallet

A wallet, is a basic addition to any purse and what every girl uses to stay oraganized. Every wallet can show a  different personality and what a girl’s into. For instance, a Kate Spade or Lilly Pulitzer can show a girl’s preppier side, where as a vintage or Urban Outfitter’s wallet expresses a more hipster style.  Junior Erika Menendez loves hers, “My Kate Spade wallet is perfect because it matches with everything and keeps me organized.”

5. Mascara

Mascara is an essential piece of makeup that can turn a girl from drab to fab in an instant. “Mascara makes my eyes pop easily and its simple to use,” explains Junior Olivia Brink. Mascara is perfect to freshen up for an after school event without carrying around a bag full of makeup.


Purses are simply a staple of  every woman’s wardrobe, and whether they are shopping, working, or just out and about; odds are you will find these five things inside.