What are you feeding your Academy sisters?


Photo Credit: Hannah McCarthy

Healthy Pumkin Spice Cupcakes

With an all-girl school, bake sales and birthday celebrations are a necessity, and the Academy is famous for having hundreds of mouth-watering goodies at each event. During your four years at Academy, baking will become second nature; whether you use your talents for a party, a bake sale or just because you feel like it, you will hone your baking skills in no time. Our bake sales help support the many clubs and mission trips offered at the Academy. Even though these events sponsor a good cause, the delicious treats may put your health at risk. When we think about how many bake sales and parties there are in the school year, we begin to notice all the extra calories and fats that accompany them. With all the unhealthy desserts, are these bake sales really benefiting the Academy students and faculty?

Instead of tempting your Academy sisters with goodies packed with calories and sodium, try these healthy alternatives that taste just as delicious.

These are just a few of the many options to switch from a calorie rich dessert to one with a fewer calorie content that does not harm your health as much. When hearing about the unhealthy treats at the bake sales, senior Hannah McCarthy stated, “Even though I love our bake sales, I love my health more. I would also love if people brought a fruit platter to the morning bake sales to give me some energy to get through my morning classes!”