Teen Leadership Council takes on a new role at Academy

Teen Leadership Council at Academy usually works with the middle school boys and girls in what is called Circles and Codes. This year however, the high school girls also have worked with the elementary school students. Elementary school guidance counselor, Ms. Patti Stringham, started a new curriculum this year with the lower school. She believed that when students work in small groups, they would be more efficient. She saw the TLC girls as the perfect people to help her.

TLC was excited to take advantage of this new opportunity. Different groups of TLC girls meet with students from Pre-K through first grade. This year, the girls were able to meet with the students four times.

Stringham loves the progress that has been made, “Because the kids were so excited to work with the TLC girls, they gained more out of the curriculum.”

The curriculum focuses on emotions and the TLC girls have done a variety of activities to tap into this area. From Bingo to coloring, the kids always seem to enjoy their thirty minutes spent with the girls.

TLC President Elise Heiman, “loves getting to see the kids faces light up when they work with us.”

Next year, TLC plans to work with the lower school again and grow in their involvement. It has been a great experience all around.

TLC participates in other activities such as Relay for Life and Safety Bears. They also guide sophomore and freshman in their own circles to help them ease into high school life.