26 thoughts the Class of 2015 has for senior year


Gaby Ruiz

Cristina Baldor, Olivia Brink and Erika Menendez pose in front of the senior lounge

With senior year right around the corner, the class of 2015 has mixed feelings on being the new senior class at AHN. Nerves and excitement fill the locker room and the juniors have found themselves thinking non-stop about final exams, college applications, and most importantly, SENIOR YEAR. Being myself a fellow Junior, I know we are all so excited to be seniors it’s almost all we can talk about. These are some of the most commonly used phrases and questions in the class of 2015 this month.


“I can’t wait till I can cut the line in Sage”

“We get all the food left over from the bake sale now”

“Wait…what am I gonna do with my life?”

“But, I’m still a freshman…”

“Now I don’t have to park so far away”

“Now we can chant,”seniors, seniors, seniors”… Over and over again.”

“Can I go to Mrs. Keegan’s office?”

“What are we gonna put in the senior lounge?”

“When’s senior prank day?”

“Who’s gonna host senior sleepover?”

“Aren’t senior pictures like next month?”

“Hopefully those pictures come out good….”

“Is it possible I have senioritis now?”

“Kind of regret signing up for that extra AP.”

“Maybe I should study more.”

“Are the ACT/ SAT scores up yet?”

“What’s Christian Lifestyles and why are they talking about dream papers?”

“Hopefully everyone knows each others names by now..”

“Will we put pictures of our fallen sisters in the lounge?”

“Who’s gonna make our senior shirts?”

“Can someone Google clever t-shirt ideas using ‘class of 2015’ please?”

“But walking from the bridge to the 4th floor is so far…”

“Why am I constantly on Naviance?”

“Is Haiku ever gonna be working again, or no?”

“But I’m not ready to go to college, my dog needs me…”

“What’s our class song gonna be?”