Class of 2018: Freshmen Impressions


Vanessa Alvarez

When asked about the most intimidating part of freshmen year, former Academy middle school student Alessandria Ligori thinks, “Seeing all the new people was kind of weird.”

The first day of school is the opening of a new chapter for many students, especially our latest addition, the freshmen class of 2018. On August 14th, 2014, Student Council representatives welcomed the new students and prepared them for their fun and exciting day ahead: “I felt I really belonged [sic] here,” freshman Emily Edbrooke recalls.  All 121 freshmen gathered for the first time before school started, spending the day singing about red wagons and sharks, and learning how not to sit in the middle of the hallways.

As all the returning students remember, freshman year can be intimidating and different from middle school. Gabrielle Hogan confessed, “I was really nervous because I didn’t really know where my classes were”. When former Academy middle school student, Annemarie Collins, was asked about the difference between eighth grade and freshman year, she exclaimed, “My guys aren’t here. It’s different because there’s a lot more people than there were in eighth grade, and the lunchroom is really crazy.” Freshman Macy McConnie, Mckenzie Holmes, and Jordan Jankowski add that not having boys at school is fantastic. The three chimed, “I like it because there is no makeup, no need to care what you look like, act like, or what you eat!”

Overall, the freshmen class appear to be loving their classes and loving the friends they have made. The whole school welcomes Academy’s newest additions, and hope they have a fantastic experience over the next four years!