Study Hall Time Management


Jessica Jurado

Before the block schedule, a student would have one study hall over the course of all four years at AHN. The girls would have to decide what year they would benefit most from having a study hall.

Study hall was only recently added into the common student’s schedule with the use of the block classes. Many of the AHN girls loved this new change and welcomed the extra period. However, as time goes on, the students are starting to forget how to utilize the extra 85 minutes given to them. Wandering around classrooms or hallways with the excuse, “I don’t have any work to do” isn’t the right way to spend your free set. Academy has provided us with not only a shorter day, but this study hall as well; why not take full advantage? Here are some ideas to make the most of your study hall:

  • Plan your day. Know the time that you’ll have your study hall and plan the work you want to get done during the set. Keep in mind that events and assemblies can change schedules around.
  • Take a load off. If you’re swamped with homework at night, check the times for your study hall and prepare some work that you know you can finish during the 85 minutes that day. Your work will turn out better when you’re awake and in class than if you stay up until 3 am trying to scribble notes down.


  • Take a nap. Were you up all night studying for a test? If you’ve already gotten the test out of the way and are left dealing with that sleepy feeling looming over you, ask a friend or classmate to wake you up when the set ends and close your eyes for a bit. 20 minute power naps are also a good idea.


  • Go where you are most productive. If you feel it would be better to work in the classroom of the teacher who gave you the assignment (if they have a free set!) then shoot them a quick email asking to spend study hall in their room. Once they give you permission, show this email to your study hall teacher and head to your next classroom.


  • Schedule meetings. Have you been meaning to sit with a teacher and discuss your academics but just haven’t found the time after school with your various clubs and sports? Study Hall is an opportune time to plan those teacher or counselor meetings. (just don’t forget to notify both the teacher you are meeting with and your study hall teacher!)


  • Get focused. Move around the room and change your setting, maybe even put on some music to drown out any background noise.