New Course Introduced to AHN: Law

Although Academy is known for having a traditional curriculum, changes and new additions are always necessary. Administration and staff have all agreed on adding a new course called, Law. Taught by Mrs. Beth Chase, this class offers a variety of law enforcement information.

The class is mostly focused around the laws for personal and business use. “I like to bring in topical subjects: things that are going on in the US,” explained Chase. She tries to bring in topics that students and young people are familiar with into this class discussions. For example, in the past few months, the class discussed the Ferguson trial. This allows the students to be more intrigued because they are familiar with current events.


When asked what the benefits of taking this class were, Mrs. Chase explains that “it makes the students aware of the whole legal process because to be honest, I don’t think they understand the process.” There are certain rights that every American citizen has and we need to understand those as well as the laws that are in place to protect us.

This semester class is offered to juniors and seniors only. The amazing thing about this class is that it is not just a teacher lecturing to the whole class. Instead, it is more discussion based and more open- ended. “There’s lecture, discussion and sometimes the students bring up issues that may have affected them or pertain to the topic.”, described Mrs. Chase.

“I just love it, I’m all into this stuff. I love the way government works and legal system works.” As you can see this is an exciting time for Academy as this new class is being offered. Mrs. Chase is very passionate about law and hopefully you will be too. If you have any questions or are interested in this class, contact your guidance counselor.