New Year’s Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

45% of Americans make a new year’s resolution, but only 46% of these resolutions are continued through the first 6 months. A little over 8% of Americans are successful in keeping up their resolution the whole year. The top 3 reasons for the failure of resolutions are: People making unrealistic resolutions, People who don’t have the mental motivation to fight off doubt and negativity, and people using guilt or fear as motivation.

According to the website Statistic Brain, these are the top 10 resolutions that are made by Americans:

1. Lose Weight

2. Getting Organized

3. Spend Less, Save More

4. Enjoy Life to the Fullest

5. Staying Fit and Healthy

6. Learn Something Exciting

7. Quit Smoking

8. Help Others in Their Dreams

9. Fall in Love

10. Spend More Time with Family

Academy girls have shared what their own personal new year’s resolution is and how long they think theirs will last.

Reilly Sleater: (9) “Honestly from personal experience, my New Years resolutions never last and I just got back to my old habits they maybe last a month or two at the most.”

Olivia Gessner (12): “My resolutions include eating healthier, studying more, and to stop procrastinating. I think they will last maybe a month or two.”

Ashley Lambert (10): “My New Years resolution is to be more considerate to others. So far I’m doing pretty good but it’s kind of hard to hold myself accountable to my resolution. I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t make it past February.”

Claudia Montilla (12): “My New Years resolution is to work out more. I think it will last two days.”

Katie Gadberry (11): “To work out more, but I think it will only last a month.”

Morgan Davey (11): “My new year’s resolution is to try harder in school and I’m hoping it will last for the rest of the year.”

To keep your new year’s resolutions, you should keep your choices specific. This will help in keeping your resolutions realistic and able to handle. Another way to help keep your resolution for a while is to remind yourself of the outcome and how it will pay off in the end. Good luck!!!