Valentine’s Day: Love it or Hate it?


Jourdan Collins

Valentine’s Day sweets have arrived at Sage!

Jourdan Collins, Senior Staff Writer

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the talk of flowers, chocolates, and dates is arising. The real question is, do you love it or hate it? Some despise even hearing the words Valentine’s Day, while others expect an extravagant date night filled with romance. Senior Alison Foley exclaimed her thoughts on Valentine’s Day, “I’ve never celebrated it, but I’m not against it, because my parents always buy me gifts.”

Just because you have a date for Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be the most romantic night of your life. Sometimes it is, but others have a bad experience, like Senior Siobhan Lynch. “The only time I ever had a boy on Valentine’s Day he was grounded.” Siobhan found an alternative option and spent her night hanging out and eating dinner with friends.

Unfortunately, having high expectations can often lead to disappointment. Most boys aren’t as romantic as girls think they are, so keep that in mind when Valentine’s Day rolls around. On the other hand, money could be the reason boys aren’t planning something extravagant. On average 13.9 billion dollars are spent on this day. Jackson Parisey, Jesuit Senior shared his thoughts on Valentines Day “I try to be more creative and thoughtful on Valentine’s Day. It shows my girlfriend that I put in a lot of effort rather than just spending money.”

Despite all of the hype, some people might spend this “special day” doing nothing. Instead of doing nothing, call it “Pal-entine’s Day”, and make it a day spent with friends! English teacher Melissa LeBlanc and her friends do this every year as a way to include friends who don’t have someone to celebrate with on this special day, “Love isn’t something that’s only shared between a couple! You have love for your closest friends, too, so why not spread the love around? (Plus, my husband probably enjoys some pressure off of him!)”

Valentine’s Day is what you make it, so keep these tips in mind when planning your special day! Tell us what you think! Comment below: Do you think Valentine’s Day is great or overrated?