Pajama Day Fundraiser raises funds for Mission Trips


Pajama Day is a fun day at Academy where all the high school students get to dress up in their best pj’s to raise money for the mission trips. The day starts off in homeroom and each girl pays five dollars to help donate for our mission trips; therefore, everyone (teachers included) are encouraged  to dress down in their pj’s to help support.

The mission trips girls will be going to are Dominican Republic, Mississippi, North Carolina, Appalachian, Heart of Tampa, Ruskin, Pennsylvania. This is amazing service they will be doing for a week helping others who are less fortunate, building and repairing hearts and making people happy.

During the day I got to ask a couple girls how they felt about wearing their pj’s rather than their uniforms Junior Carolina Oliva said, “I felt lazy and did not want to do anything because I felt so comfortable.” Pajama day was is such a fun relaxed day for us Junior Karlee Nipper told me what she thought about not wearing her uniform “ I felt very relaxed, laid back and comfortable all day during school but felt so happy that we got tons of donations and pretty much every girl wore their pj’s.”

Overall, the day was a success with a total of $1660.00 in donations! Thank you to everyone who participated!