Service Day Stories for 2015



Freshman, Emma Heston, working with kids for her community service day.

Service Day is a fun and exciting day that students from Academy look forward to each year. A certain number of students go to over 15 service places and help out their community. This day helps give back and makes us feel good about helping others.

From serving the homeless to helping at Horses for the Handicapped, there is a plethora of service places to help.

Although it is fun, some weird things happen at each place. Zoe Bennett went to the Trinity Cafe, a place to serve the homeless, and she thought it was going to be rewarding, but instead she had a strange experience. Zoe says, ” As I was serving food to the men, they would often flirt and ask you personal questions.”

On the other hand, sophomore Jenna Wiley loved her experience. She says, “I went to the RCA Food bank to sort food and clean up around the place. There I learned that the people will get the food from the food banks and return them to Publix for money. We had to mark out all the barcodes so the people can’t do that anymore. I had fun working there and I look forward to going again next year!”

Gillian Dunn also had an interesting experience. She says, “Gillian Anthony, McKenna [Davey], and I went to The Children’s Home. We saw a snake while picking up weeds and freaked out! Even though we cleaned up their campus I wish we could’ve interacted with the kids.”

Overall, everyone loved helping out the community and said it was rewarding to give back to their community. Although people has some weird experiences, this day helps us all to put our lives in perspective and realize how lucky we are to have all the things we possess.

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