How To Stay Organized For Prom


Olivia Brink

Gaby Ruiz and Jourdan Collins posing for pictures before prom!

With prom being right around the corner, the anxiety of getting the perfect dress, scheduling makeup and hair appointments, ordering boutonnieres and getting your nails done is setting in. Getting ready for prom can be stressful, so in order to have a stress free day, you need to make sure you make the most of your time, plan ahead, and stay organized!

Personally, I always start looking for dresses online. If I see something I like from a big department store website, I compare prices with other dresses then I’ll go in and look for them. If not, Lulu’s, Tobi and Revolve are usually my go to online sites. I like to order them at least a month in advanced so I have time to get them altered if needed.

Here is a helpful timeline for prom week:

A week before the dance, I get my eyebrows done. I have sensitive skin so I like to have at least a week to deal with the pimples and redness. I usually go to Melt Out because they take their time, use lotions and oils for sensitive skin and even fill in your eyebrows and put makeup on for you so you’re not red.

I like getting my hair done before my makeup. I do this because the straighteners, curlers and blow dryers are so hot I don’t want to ruin my face makeup. I suggest getting your hair done around 1. This gives you at least an hour to get it done, touch it up and make sure you like it.

Next stop, makeup. I always want my makeup to be done close to my pictures so my face isn’t greasy and so my makeup doesn’t come off. My go to time is 3:30. Melt out is usually fast, the longest it’s ever taken for them to do my makeup is 40 minutes.

After hair and makeup, I go home, change into my dress, put on jewelry and go to my pictures!

Prom really shouldn’t be as stressful as everyone makes it out to be. If you plan exactly how you want your hair and makeup to look in advanced, you should be stress free!