The Dangers of Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving can lead to serious consequences: physically and financially!

Ian Britton/

Drinking and driving can lead to serious consequences: physically and financially!

Lauren Raab, Senior Staff Writer

With Academy’s prom this weekend, making smart decisions while still having a good time is something to be reminded of. Not drinking and driving is an important aspect every student should be aware of. According to Olivia Gessner, “You’re not just endangering your life, your endangering the lives of others.”

DUI is defined as operating a means of conveyance while excessive amounts of alcohol, or any kind of controlled substance, are present in the body. The thing many underage people don’t understand is that you might think and feel sober, but actually it takes more than a few hours for the alcohol to completely leave your body. With that said, many teenagers will drink at a party, then feel fine, and get into a car and drive. No matter how much a person drinks, a sip or a whole drink, there is still alcohol in the body.

Anyone under 21 and caught driving with a BAC level of .02% or higher can be convicted for an underage DUI. Some of the punishments include, paying fines ranging from $100, to $2,500, attending drug/alcohol and driver’s education classes, and community and service. In addition, the underage person can be revoked from all driving privileges for anywhere from 90 days to 3 years and can be put in jail, ranging from 2 days to a year.

Since prom is in a few days, Achona is giving some tips on how to avoid this situation. If you choose to attend an after-party, be smart and be alert. One anonymous tipster shared, “last year I had the after party and all the girls slept over at my house and all the boys had to take a taxi home or be picked up by their parents.” If you see someone drinking and has to drive home, taking their keys might be a good idea so you know for sure they will not be driving. “My advice is that if you know you’re going to drive, don’t plan on drinking that night. Plan ahead on who is the designated driver, so there are no last minute complications.” Friday, guest speaker, Angie Ammon spoke to the Senior and Junior classes about the dangers of drinking. Her daughter, passed away due to a drinking accident. She left the students with very good and sobering advice about the risks of drinking underage, “Don’t be afraid to call their parents, it could save their life.”


At prom this weekend, remember to have fun and most importantly, be safe and make good decisions!!