Senior Shirt Trends

On the first day of the new school year each Academy senior can look forward to wearing their senior shirts they designed over the summer.  This tradition has been running at Academy for a few years. What makes these shirts unique is that each senior class has their own slogan to represent their grade, and they include that on their shirts. This year’s seniors chose the saying “We’re Kind of a B16 Deal.”

Alejandra Lozano
Alejandra Lozano

Since the process of creating a shirt can be long, some seniors, made their shirts weeks in advance in order to avoid the stress of crafting it  overnight. For others, procrastination crept up on them, forcing an all nighter in order to create the perfect shirt. One of the sisters who waited till the last minute, Mary DeRosiers believes that, “after I finished my melt down, I was up all night making my shirt on top of finishing up summer work!” The lesson from this is…DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!! 


2016 Senior Shirt Trends:

“B16 Deal” on the back of the shirt 

Christina Thompson, left, and Isabella Alfonso, right.
Christina Thompson, left, and Isabella Alfonso, right. Photo Credit: Christina Thompson

V necks instead of crew necks 

Megan Bajo, right, and Gabby Accardi, left both pose the morning of their first day of senior year Photo Credit: Gabby Accardi

Fun patterns on the letters

Skyler Sinardi, left, and Caroline Swenson, post a snapchat story to show off their new shirts Photo Credit: Caroline Swenson

Grey, Black, and White colors

Avery Stanechewski relaxing in the lounge after and long night at senior sleepover. Photo Credit: Olivia Kirkpatrick

Tie Dye

Valerie Ely, left, and Bryanna LaRussa, right, take a selfie of their senior shirts on the first day in the Senior Lounge. Photo Credit: Bryanna LaRussa

Senior’s Advice to the Underclassmen on Making a Senior Shirt:

“Be unique” -Ashling Carr

“Before ironing on your letters, test the fabric ahead of time to avoid mistakes” -Sajani Mantri

“Make sure you use FABRIC scissors; regular ones wont do the trick” -Avery Stanechewski

“Be careful when using sharpies! They can bleed through” -Clarisse Ramos 

“Don’t wait unitl last minute’ -Rebecca Parrillo