Study Tips from the Best Students

Academy students oftentimes struggle with an overload of work, striving for perfection or in other terms a 4.0 GPA. Taking rigorous classes such as the many AP and Honors courses offered at academy can result in students using any given free time to catch up on work even if that’s working at home, school, or ten extra minutes in the car. With the many platforms offered to study from Quizlet to handmade flashcard there’s something suited for everyone. Luckily our most efficient students from Academy have given advice on the best study tips to survive those stressful high school years.

How many days before a test should I study?

Remi Storch, Audrey Dunn, Lindsay Calka, and Alyssa Muir all can agree that studying two days before any test is the best way to go. Two days gives just enough time to study two days before and then the night before just review the material a few times over. Studies have shown that preparing days in advance can lead to better retaining the information which will then lead to a higher test score! Strive to prepare multiple days before before a big test or quiz coming up.

"I work most often on my bed because I can listen to music without earbuds"
Credit: Audrey Dunn
“I work most often on my bed because I can listen to music without earbuds”

What’s the best tool to use while studying?

Outlines offer a big picture of information given. Best used with subjects who have large concepts or just large amounts of information, such as science and history. Using different fonts, colors, or charts can help making the information easier to digest. Strive to make outlines concise but at the same time hitting all the important points of the chapter.

Outlines can take anywhere from 30 minutes to multiple hours
Credit: Audrey Dunn
Outlines can take anywhere from 30 minutes to multiple hours

An simple online form of flashcards, Quizlet is used by most academy girls and is a favorite. Junior Alyssa Muir believes quizlet “use it mostly for Spanish and English vocabulary because it provides an easy way to learn terms fast.”  Most academy girls use the learn mode which quizzes on each term, but there are various great features Quizlet has to offer from test mode to games such as space race. In addition, Quizlet is great because it’s app offers an easy way for students memorize on the go.

Quizlet offers the fun alternative to flashcards
Credit: Kelsea Henry
Quizlet offers the fun alternative to flashcards

A more traditional form of studying, flashcards are still a great way to memorize information for any class! Junior Audrey Dunn uses flashcards mainly for her latin class because “with all the words were given flashcards help me memorize them the fastest.” The exercise of writing flashcards and then going back and reinforcing and reviewing the words makes it one of the best ways to study.

Music or no music?

This varies directly on a person and their personal preferences. Sophomore Emma Heston likes to study listening to soothing music because it “keeps me on track.” On the other hand junior Alyssa Muir likes to study in silent because “the noise of music distracts me from my studies.” For most it takes time to figure out whether it’s best to study with music playing in the background.

Whether studying with flashcards, outlines, or using Quizlet there’s a study perfect study technique for everyone. Finding the perfect study technique can lead to less stress, better grades, and a happier you!