He Saw, She Saw Netflix


Credit: Victoria Baldor

“I’ve spent half my study halls this year catching up on Netflix..” admits Hannah Menendez

Whether in bed, exercising, or on the go, teens of all ages can’t survive without a  Netflix account. To get the mind off stressful activities students from both Jesuit and Academy watch the hottest Netflix shows.

The Netflix addiction is in fact real. As a student, it is not uncommon to witness classmates with their favorite shows displayed on a macbook or iPad, or even wasting study halls just to finish the last season of a show. The feeling after finishing a long show or suspenseful episode, makes binge watching ever more rewarding. Plans cancelled, homework procrastinated, and unfinished studying are all a result of the long hours spent on Netflix. But what shows make Netflix so popular and addictive in the lives of teens of both Academy and Jesuit?

Girls spend up to 10 hours a week just on Netflix!
Credit: Kali Bradley
Girls spend up to 10 hours a week just on Netflix!



Academy Girls

Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal are the most watched shows amongst Academy girls. The shows are often watched because of personal interest in a field, as a form of distraction, or to turn around a bad day. Junior Olivia Porcaro believes suspenseful shows such as Scandal, “can distract from the stress of school.” The best way to watch Netflix as a form of distraction is looking into shows with a thrilling plotline. The most admired by Academy students is Grey’s Anatomy, a show centered around Meredith Grey and the lives of other surgical interns and residents at Seattle Grace Hospital. The show first sparked senior Stefannie Tanase eye because she “has always been interested in the medical field and it combined my love for the medical field and TV dramas.” Many other students are equally obsessed with Grey’s and a variety of other different shows featured on Netflix. 

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Jesuit Boys

The issue of binge watching is not only a problem for females, it extends all the way down Himes to the boys of Jesuit high school. Boys are guilty of watching just as much of Netflix as an average girl. Sophomore Carter Anderson confesses he has “cancelled plans with friends just to watch my favorite show, How I Met Your Mother.” This trend is significant within all males, they often are behind on homework because of the “endless hours I spend a week watching Netflix,” Nico Baldor, senior, admits.  The most popular shows within the boys of Jesuit high school is Prison Break and Narcos because of the “thrill it gives them while watching,” Carter states after watching his favorite show. Most Jesuit boys, watch shows with a suspenseful plotline for the same reasons as Academy Girls. William Bunn admits he spends 12 hours a week on Netflix either on his phone before soccer practice or at the comfort of his home on his computer. Weather on the go or relaxed and bad the Netflix obsession extends to all teens.

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Boys and girls have very different tastes in shows, boys being more drawn to shows such as Prison Break, and girls obsessing over shows such as Grey’s Anatomy. Despite their tastes, they share one thing in common: the ever growing love for Netflix. Whatever the reason, once you’re hooked on a certain show, it’s hard to stop.