10 Thoughts All APUSH Students Have


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Junior Riley Gillis says, “Although it is a lot of work, APUSH really is not bad as I expected it to be. I actually really enjoy the class because of the intriguing discussions Mrs. Kearney leads.”

Every year, a large amount of juniors take AP American History, a class that requires a lot of time, effort, and sometimes even tears. Here are a few of the most common things that happen when you are an APUSH student:

  1. Leaving lunch five minutes early and sprinting up the four flights of stairs so Mrs. Lori Kearney doesn’t call you out for being late. 
    • “One time I came late to APUSH and Mrs. Kearney was the maddest I’ve ever seen her! For my punishment, I had to go all the way down to Sage and let Mrs. Kearney know what was for lunch,” recalls Ally Pazzi (11).
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  2. Looking forward to watching John Green’s crash course videos when you finish a chapter. 
    • Junior Audrey Dunn likes John Green videos because “he sums everything up in a short video and he gives relatable analogies so it’s easier to remember everything.”
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  3. Feeling like you’ve been studying for ten hours, but also feeling like you don’t know any of the material.
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  4. Having no idea what chapters to study because the quiz can be on anything from chapter one to chapter fifteen. 
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  5. Remembering at the last minute that there is a long essay due on Friday instead of an FRQ. 
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  6. Writing a page and a half answer for a quiz question and feeling like your hand is about to fall off. 
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  7. Reading this week’s chapter and feeling like it never ends.
    • Kearney emphasizes, “You should enjoy the subject because your required reading is quite extensive.  In order to do well in the class you need to READ READ READ!!!”
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  8. Staying up till one in the morning because you are so stressed for the test. 
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  9. Checking Haiku every five seconds to see if Mrs. Kearney has put up your test grade. 
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  10. Feeling like a success because you got an A on the test that you studied so hard for.
    • Junior Katie Quackenbush says, “I get very very excited when I get an A on APUSH because I feel like my hardwork has paid off. It takes a LONG time to study for APUSH tests and quizzes.”
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