Class of 2016 Presents Frozen at Movie on the Lawn


Photo Credit: Anya Muyres

Seniors dressed up as the main characters from “Frozen” make the movie come to life for the little kids.

Movie on the Lawn is an annual event that happens during Christmas time at Academy. The senior class hosts Movie on the Lawn in order to raise money for their senior endowment. Many of the children that attended were from the Academy and they came to watch the movie with their friends. Parents and teachers came to enjoy the fun filled night as well.

Seniors Anya Muyres and McKenzie Miller in costume as Anna and Elsa with their biggest fan, Emma, Dr. O’s daughter. Photo Credit: Dr. Lauren Oetinger

This year, the seniors, with the help of Patty Bohannon, put on the movie Frozen, on Sunday December 6, which was a big hit with all the little girls. Two seniors even dressed up as Anna and Elsa. Senior Anya Muyres, who dressed up as Anna, says, ”My favorite part of being Anna at movie on the lawn was playing with the little kids and seeing the joy in their faces when they saw McKenzie and I and thought they were really there with the real princess and queen from the movie.” This detail seemed to put the experience over the edge for some of the girls. Along with the cast of Frozen, there was face painting with some of AHN’s best artists, great food made by the dads club, and yummy baked goods made with love by the class of 2016. Also, at the event the popular Academy and Jesuit Christmas ornaments were on sale.

❄ Frozen Squad ❄

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Class president Caroline Lamoutte says, “I think movie on the lawn was a big success and I think we raised a lot of money for our scholarship fund and had fun doing it!” The night had fun for all ages from little kids to the girls in the senior class. Senior Maya Williams says,” my favorite part of movie on the was watching the kids reactions to seeing Anna and Elsa.” The class of 2016 raised a total of $5,079 for their Sydney Wynne fund.

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Sydney Wynne’s mom, Class president, Caroline Lamoutte, and Patty Bohannon getting in the Christmas spirit at movie on the lawn. Photo Credit: Jaqueline Brooker


The senior endowment means more than just giving back to the school for the class of 2016. The seniors are raising it in their sister, Sydney Wynne’s, name and the money will go towards that scholarship. The class of 2016 wants Sydney’s memory to live on through providing the funding for other girls to be able to not only attend, but also receive the love and the sisterhood that encompasses the Academy.