Exams From Teachers’ Point of View


Credit: Audrey Dunn

“One of the main reasons exam week is hard for me is that I want to get in the Christmas spirit, but I always have to study for exams.” -Olivia Porcaro

It’s that time of year again, when Christmas break is almost in the grasp of your hand, but there is one problem that seems to be killing your Christmas vibe… exams. Exams can be scary, stressful, and tiring, but they are unavoidable. Luckily, some of our teachers at AHN have given advice on the best study tips and how to survive exam week.

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“How do you feel about exams?”

Students obviously aren’t fans of taking exams, but some teachers feel differently. Junior, Audrey Dunn explains, “During exam week, I feel very stressed and overwhelmed just because it’s so much material all at once and counts for a big percentage of my final grade.” On the other hand, Ms. Mikos, who teaches Pre-Calculus and Calculus, states, “I think exams are a good way to make sure you really understand the material, not just learning it for one chapter test.”

“In your opinion, what are the best study tips?”

Overall, teachers have agreed that it’s best to study at least a week before the exam, in order to prevent last minute cramming. Spanish and French teacher, Darlene Lanfranconi, comments, “Start studying early. Maybe just 20 minutes or so each evening.” In addition, quizzing yourself, instead of just reading over the material has found to be helpful. “Studying depends on the subject. Some students like to make note cards, use Quizlet, or study with other students” adds Biology teacher, Paul Sloshberg.

Credit: Ellie Abdoney                                                            Every year, students figure out what study tips work best for them.

“Is it stressful planning an exam?”

Exam week is not only stressful for the students taking the exam, but also the teachers who have to plan it. Sophomore English teacher, Linda Nutter, states, “To be honest, exam time is such a busy and stressful time for me that I don’t have time to answer all your questions! The main thing I can say to students is don’t wait until the last minute to study!” Freshman physics teacher Kim Quire added, “Yes, planning an exam is stressful for me because I want it to be a proper reflection of what we have actually covered in the semester.  Not too easy but not too hard.”

“What are some words of encouragement for students taking exams?”

One of the most important things to remember during exam week is that it is all material that students have already covered, so there is nothing new on the exam. Kellie Mounce, who teaches Biology and Chemistry, advises, “Pray, have faith in the gifts you have been given. Study, rest, and expect to do your best. Smile, you have this.” Students at Academy are surrounded by supportive teachers, who are always willing to help and want to see their students succeed.

When you are taking an exam, it is important to trust yourself and not get discouraged.

When you are taking an exam, it is important to trust yourself and not get discouraged.

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