AHN senior dads react to their daughters growing up


Credit: Caroline Swenson/Achona Online

Senior Caroline Swenson and her father, Mike Swenson, pose for a photo together

As the college experience approaches fast, family and friends of AHN seniors are filled with a mix of excitement and sadness thinking of their college years to come. They are sad because this is the first official step into adulthood, as well as the first step into the rest of their lives. However, they are excited to see how far they grow and mature in college and to see the success that comes from future careers.

Seniors Natalie Cevallos, Remi Storch, and Caroline Swenson interviewed their dads to get their thoughts on what next year is going to be like for the both of them. Natalie is the middle child in her family to go to college, Remi is the last member of her family to go to college, and Caroline is the first. Although all of these girls and their dads are going through different experiences, they have a similar journey leaving their homes and living on their own. Here’s what the dads had to say.


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Credit: Natalie Cevallos (used with permission)
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Credit: Remi Storch (used with permission)
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Credit: Caroline Swenson (used with permission)