How Academy Girls Handle Cold Weather

Senior Zoe Bennet comments

Credit: Megan Bajo/Achona Online

Senior Zoe Bennet comments “I wear sweatpants to school because I cannot deal with cold weather. As I walk over the bridge, the wind takes the cold to the next level so I need something to keep me warm.”

Megan Bajo, Senior Staff Writter

Floridians are costumed to warm weather and all four seasons staying the same temperature. This winter was expected to be the same as past years, 80 degrees and heading to the beach in December. Unexpectedly, once January came around, the cold weather blew in. On average, the weather has been highs of 60’s and lows of 40’s.

The typical Academy girl wears a skirt, short sleeve polo, and a thin AHN crew neck during the year. When the cold front blows in and shocks everyone in the morning, these girls improvise. Some will do everything in their power not to wear the school pants so they will either freeze in their skirt, or get creative.

Credit: Giphy
When the weather reaches the 60’s, everyone acts like the ice age has just hit Tampa. Credit: Giphy

Senior Avery Dierks has come to school the past two weeks wearing sweat pants under her skirt.

She mentions, “Even though the sweat pants are not technically ‘legal’ to wear, they are still comfortable and keep me warm in the morning as I walk over the bridge.”

Along with wearing sweat pants and walking around with blankets, Academy girls come up with a few tricks to stay warm during the day. Whether it is drinking hot coffee in the morning, or wearing a knitted head band over their ears, Academy girls will do what ever it takes to stay nice and warm.

Junior Devin Folkman says “Every morning I make sure I have my sweatshirt with me, along with a huge blanket to keep me warm during the day.” 

Thankfully this cold weather only lasts a few months and then everything returns to its normal balance. Around March the weather will warm up again and then the girls will be ready for Spring Break. Academy girls have creative minds and always know what to do when put in any type of situation. This is what keeps this school entertaining and what always keeps administration wondering what these girls will come up with next.