11 Things We’ve All Done At Academy And Can Relate To


Sophomore, Audrey Diaz, shares that “On a bad day, I feel like Kevin Malone spilling the chili in the show The Office…out of control and anxious. You know the whole predicament.” Credit: Chloe Paman / Achona Online

During the week there are always those days when something does not go as planned. Whether it be forgetting to turn your homework in or accidentally dropping your water bottle and creating a tsunami in the hallways, it’s bound to happen. Academy girl’s, however, have different problems than other high schools since we are an all-girls school with four floors of pure torture AND the bridge of death. At this point of the school year, you can probably relate to…

…going through the wrong door out of the Brady Center.

Credit: Chloe Paman
Sophomore, Gillian Garcia, admits “No matter how many times someone has told me to not go though this door, I still do. Even with the signs.” Credit: Chloe Paman / Achona Online

…accidentally skipping a club meeting because you did not know what day it was on.

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…forgetting to get something from the fourth floor and already crossed the bridge.

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Junior, Teresa Toranzo, comments “The moment I realized I forgot something across the bridge, there’s this sudden wave of disappoint that comes over me. The bridge is so intimidating at this point, that I simply give up and don’t bother going back. ” Credit: Chloe Paman / Achona Online

…going to school late on a mass day and having to explain to Mrs. Henry why.

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…almost dropping the Extreme Juice smoothie you just bought.

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Junior, Sophia Bahr, states “I would be really upset if my XJ fell because not only did i got to XJ with the intention of indulging in a yummy smoothie, but that I also just lost 5 bucks.” Credit: Chloe Paman / Achona Online

…going to the fourth floor and forgetting why you’re there.

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…losing your water bottle and having to take the walk of shame to Mrs. Henry’s office to find it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.21.37 AM
I, being the forgetful person that I am, have taken this road countless number of times. It has gotten to the point where people in my grade have emailed me that one (or maybe two) of my many water bottles are being displayed on Mrs. Henry’s counter. Credit: Chloe Paman / Achona Online

…realizing your pants zipper was open the whole day.

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…taken someone else’s backpack in the courtyard after lunch that looks just. like. yours.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 1.31.03 PM
Because half of the student body has a Jansport backpack, trying to find yours can be quite tricky. Credit: Chloe Paman

…keep forgetting to pay an IOU from months ago and realizing that it has grown from a couple cents to around 7 dollars.

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…periodically thinking about graduating and reminiscing the great memories you made with your sisters and get really sad.

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