Your DREAM Prom playlist


Dylan Field

My best friends and I were the last ones standing at prom.. literally! We stayed until the Jesuit teachers asked us to please go home.

Prom, one of the most important right of passages, is the perfect way to celebrate the school year coming to an end. Juniors and Seniors everywhere spend months in advance searching for the perfect dress, shoes and date.  The best prom memories are made on the dance floor! Singing and dancing at the top of your lungs with all your friends are all unforgettable memories! This year, at Academy Prom, the music varied since there was a new DJ. Therefore, Achona interviewed several girls in order to create the DREAM prom playlist. This playlist includes every genre, movie soundtrack and hit-song you can think of! With every music genre covered, this playlist promises to please everyone! Relax,have some friends over and experience prom all over again!!