Teen Leadership Council Appoints 2016-2017 Officers


Credit: Isabella Alfonso/Achona Online

Officer responsibilities extend beyond TLC. The 2015-2016 Officers led the Freshman Retreat at the Bethany Center in December.

The final Teen Leadership Council meeting of every school year is traditionally dedicated to celebrating the success of the departing seniors and officers, as well as that of the club, with a special lunch and the exchanging of gifts and kind words. Although the 2016 school year has come to an end, the members of TLC must continue to look forward to next year’s plans for their club, which begins with choosing new officers to take over for those who are preparing to graduate.


In place of elections, TLC members are asked to apply for their top three desired positions in an essay format, followed by an interview (should they ask for president as any of their choices). For the next two to three weeks, current officers and moderators evaluate the applications alongside the member’s observed contributions to the club before coming to a final decision. Every year, the competition is increasingly tough, as TLC continues to produce so many strong and capable leaders. Nevertheless, a decision always results that considers the club’s and members’ best interests.

TLC’s 2016-2017 Officers

Presidents: Vanessa Alvarez and Lindsay Calka

Former President Christina Thompson asserts, “Vanessa and Lindsay are going to be awesome as a team. Vanessa has experience with circles since she was once an Academy middle school student. She is devoted and committed, plus she has a lot of great ideas and not is afraid to voice her thoughts. Lindsay, on the other hand, is full of creativity and has a great outlook on where she wants the club to progress next year. They are going to do amazing and I am so proud of both them.”

The dynamic duo’s evident passion for and commitment to the TLC mission earned them the duty of presiding the club. With all of the changes TLC has recently undergone, the strength and perseverance Alvarez and Calka embody will be necessary to progress forward.

“I am so excited for next year because I feel like it is a ‘new era’ for TLC. Lots of things are changing and I am excited to have a say in the way things will develop. As president with Vanessa this upcoming year, I have the opportunity to make a mark through starting new traditions and paving the way for the future TLC leaders,” Calka claims.

Alvarez adds, “We already have so many ideas, and I am ready to put them into action. The officers put together make a great team and I cannot wait to work with them.”

A large aspect of the TLC mission involves giving back to the community. This year, Alvarez and other club members participated in Challenger Baseball.
Credit: Vanessa Alvarez/Achona Online
A large aspect of the TLC mission involves giving back to the community. This year, Alvarez and other club members participated in Challenger Baseball.

Vice President of Curriculum: Audrey Dunn

TLC’s primary task in school is to lead the Circles of Pride and Respect program in Academy’s middle school. At the end of each year, a committee of six girls is chosen to write curriculums outlining the topics to be discussed in a circle, and it is perhaps the most time consuming job in TLC. For this reason, the Vice President of Curriculum must have experience working on the committee. Audrey Dunn will head the committee she has been a part of for the last year as the Vice President of Curriculum.

Dunn excitedly says,”as Vice President of Curriculum, I am looking forward to all of the creativity and brainstorming that goes into making each circle worthwhile. The discussion topics and activities we come up with are crucial to making sure the ideas stick with the middle schoolers, so I can’t wait to get with my team and develop some new, engaging curriculums.”

Vice President of Events and Marketing: Tess Jakubiec

After serving as treasurer for the 2015-2016 school year, Tess Jakubiec will be the Vice President of the committee she once served on as a junior. Since TLC is such a large club consisting of girls in every grade, several events are hosted throughout the year to help the girls remain close by allowing them the opportunity to bond.

Jakubiec is, “most excited for being in charge of similar things as I was when I was Treasurer because I know I can do those same things without messing up. Running the twitter account will be exciting as well.”

Last year's TLC Bake Sale was largely a success thanks to Jakubiec's (left) hard work.
Credit: Christina Thompson (Used with Permission)
Last year’s TLC Bake Sale was largely a success thanks to Jakubiec’s (left) hard work.

Vice President of Outreach: Jessica Galvis


Jessica Galvis has been chosen to assume the role of Vice President of Outreach, where she will oversee the community service projects TLC participates in. Traditionally, the fall is jam-packed with weekend service events, and the mandatory spring event is club-wide attendance at South Tampa’s Relay for Life.

Previous VP of Outreach Isabella Alfonso expresses, “I feel confident about Jessica taking my position over because to be VP of Outreach, you have to be outgoing and able to branch out from your comfort zone to talk to professional adults you have never met about planning spring and fall events. Jessica is both. She is also organized, well-spoken, and a great leader to represent TLC.”

Vice President of Recruitment: Lizzie Dolan

In the beginning of the year, the recruitment committee stays busy reviewing applications and interviewing prospective TLC members. With so many qualified and capable applicants, the committee members make many difficult decisions overseen by the Vice President of Recruitment. In the 2016-2017 school year, Lizzie Dolan will take over for Gabby Accardi.

Accardi states, “Lizzie is one of the most amazing human beings and judge of character, which helps a lot when recruiting girls for TLC. She is going to make a great VP of Recruitment because she helped me so much over this past year and I don’t know what I would’ve done without her. I wish her all the luck in the world.”

Dolan maintains, “I am definitely most excited for getting to meet and interact with new freshmen who might join our club. It is kind of a weird feeling to know that these girls will one day be the driving force behind the club and will be in the positions we are in now. I just love meeting them and getting them excited about TLC.”

Last year, Dolan's service as a Recruitment Chairperson assisted TLC in acquiring 10 outstanding new members.
Credit: Christina Thompson (Used with Permission)
Last year, Dolan’s service as a Recruitment Chairperson assisted TLC in acquiring 10 outstanding new members.

Of her new team, club moderator Danica Rodriguez gushes, “I could not be more excited to work with next year’s TLC officers. They are a dynamic team with a combined passion for the club that is immeasurable. I am most excited that the officers each bring something different and unique but that each person’s talent is just as valuable as the next.”

Congratulations to next year’s TLC officers!