Unique Majors of the Class of 2016

College is just around the corner for the seniors and many girls in the class have picked a major that they are very excited about. The class of 2016 is a very unique group of people. It is no surprise that the majors they have chosen to match that trait. Here are some of the girls in this years graduating class that have chosen interesting majors and what they have to say about them:

Julia Difabrizio – Global Development (University of Virginia)

  • “I’m planning on majoring in Global Development at UVA, and it is a social justice-oriented major. It focuses on sustainable economic development, public health, global interconnection, and public service. I’m interested in this major because I want to work in a field one day that protects human rights. Social justice is important to me because I believe all people should be given the same basic rights to a safe living environment and an education.”

Alejandro Lozano – International Business Entrepreneurship and French (Florida State University)

  • “I choose it because it will be beneficial for me since I speak three languages fluently. international business is also a growing field today because of so many improvements in foreign relations. It’ll also be be beneficial for the field I’m trying to go in for the army, intelligence. Then I’m double majoring that with entrepreneurship because my mom started her own business to so I am attracted to that growing field as well.”

Natalie Cevallos – Studio Art/Art Therapy (Florida State University)

  • “I’m entering as a pre-studio art major. However, I’m applying for the art therapy program within the school of art following my sophomore year. If I get accepted into that program, then I will be working on getting my master’s in art therapy and becoming licensed. A lot of people don’t know what art therapy is, and to briefly summarize it, it’s basically a form of psychotherapy for all types of people of all ages. It can be used as a tool for victims of disaster or abuse, people with disabilities, the elderly, etc. In short, its the cross between art, psychology, and teaching. I chose this particular major simply because I don’t really think I could do anything else to be quite honest. Initially, I wanted to go into the medical field, particularly dermatology. But then after taking chemistry and biology, I realized that I am not a science brain, so that dream was crushed. I knew I couldn’t do anything related to math. So then that left me between business or something in the arts. Upon taking AP Studio Art this year, I was like “art therapy it is” and boom that is how I found my major! (my mom actually found it for me and was like “nat, look at this– its so you” so here we are.”

Grace Alexander –  Fashion Merchandising (Florida State University)

  • “My major revolves around the business side of fashion like buying, sales, and marketing. Jobs include working in fashion companies and researching how to sell something, buying merchandise, and setting up press for events. I chose this major because I have always been interested in fashion and also business so it is a perfect medium.”

Sofia Curry – Cybersecurity (Saint Leo University)

  • “Cybersecurity is protecting computers, networks, and programs from unusual or unexpected threats. I chose cybersecurity because it is a field that is very popular today. Being a woman in a technical field is something that is very unique since it is usually a male-dominated field. I also chose it because I have always been interested in working with technology and working for the FBI.”

Alessandra Tanase – Animation (Savanna School of Art and Design)

Avery Dierks – Commercial Music in Voice with an Emphasis on Music Business (Belmont University)