Senior Class Officers Announced

Devin Folkman, Senior Staff Writer

Each year a senior class president along with homeroom vice presidents are elected from the class of eligible and qualified leaders, to conduct senior activities.


Class president: Ashley Lambert

Vice President of Beth Chase’s homeroom: Alexis Miniet

Vice President of Anne Mikos’s homeroom: Lara Lontoc

Vice President of Virginia Pendleton’s homeroom: Ally Pazzi

Vice President of Dana Nazariten’s homeroom: Liz Benjamin

Vice President of Jenny Van Pelt’s homeroom: Haley Schumann

The requirements of the president’s position are to attend meetings throughout the year to discuss the plans and needs of her senior classmates.

This role has many responsibilities and tasks associated with special senior activities such as Water Wars, Movie on the Lawn, and Senior Endowment. These exciting events are organized by Lambert and all five of her fellow vice presidents.

Ashley Lambert explains, “My role as class president is report back our class’ overall opinions and ideas about upcoming senior functions. Although it is a lot of responsibility, I am very honored to have the opportunity to be the voice for this senior class.”

Class President, Ashley Lambert, is going to do everything in her power to make this year a memorable one for the class of 2017.
Credit: Devin Folkman/Achona Online
Class President, Ashley Lambert, is going to do everything in her power to make this year a memorable one for the class of 2017.

Many seniors are very excited and curious about what the school year has in store for them, especially after seeing senior events from previous years.

Lambert reveals, “We do have a ton of action-packed things for our seniors, but it remains as a secret for now.”

The class president can not take on all these tasks by herself, so vice presidents step in to gather more information about the class as a whole. Each year the number of vice presidents varies, depending on the number of homerooms. The senior class consist of a hundred and nine students and five VPs, making each vice president’s vote count for about 22 girls.

Lara Lontoc, vice president for Anne Mikos’ homeroom, talks about her unique experience when running for the vice president position.

Laura prepares her camera to capture many memories at Senior Reflection day.
Credits: Devin Folkman/Acohna Online
Laura prepares her camera to capture many memories at Senior Reflection day.

Lontoc recalls, “It is actually a funny story, because I was not planning on running at all. All my classmates chanted my name and nominated me to run. I was surprised that I won, but it felt so good to know that my fellow classmates saw me as a good candidate for vice president in my homeroom.”

Unlike the electing the class president, the voting process for vice presidents takes about fifteen minutes during the morning in each homeroom. The homeroom teacher hands out white slips for each student to write the name of their vote. While voting, the classmates really concentrate, thinking about which student has the best qualities and work ethic to take on great responsibility.

On ballot day, Senior Zoe Cuva was pleasantly surprised to see her classmate Liz Benjamin’s name as one of the candidates.

She shares, “I decided to vote for Liz to be the vice president for my homeroom, and I am so glad that she won the majority of the vote. She is a natural leader and is very interested in having a leadership position.”

The five vice presidents bring many diverse personalities and opinions that help generate refreshing ideas and assist the class president. These leaders make difficult decisions, contribute a lot of hard work, and dedicate their personal time to make senior year the best.

It only seems fitting Ally Pazzi’s name would make the ballot in Virginia Pendelton’s homeroom as she is a member of Mayor’s Youth Corps and has a fascination with local government, in this case very local.

Tess Jakubiec says, “I voted for Ally Pazzi because she is super responsible and very nice. I feel like she doesn’t get the recognition she deserves for being an awesome person, so I wanted her to win vice president of our homeroom.”

The diversity among the class is great, especially when it comes down to brainstorming and planning for these senior events. The new senior class officers are ready to make this year’s events exciting and memorable for the class of 2017.