Academy Students Vote on Superlatives

January 25, 2017


Credit: Devin Folkman/Achona Online

Every winner of each category was nominated by their fellow classmates online.

Academy high school is filled with many talented and unique girls. ACHONA decided to survey the grades to gage public opinion on common superlatives and who in their class embodies them. The categories for these talents are best singer, best actress, most organized, friendliest, best humor, best style, best athlete, most academic, most spirited, and best personality.

Best Singer:

Senior: Rachel Tata

Senior Julia Petrillo says, “At every school event Rachel pumps everyone up with her voice. It sounds magnificent, she needs to be broadcasted on TV.”

Junior: Gracie Wipfli

Sophomore: Hanna Skelly

Freshmen: Leah Solomon

Credit: Devin Folkman/Achona Online
Rachel Tata was the winner for senior princess at formal.

Best Actress:

Senior: Maria De La Cruz

Junior: Nyla Jacobs

Hailey Eckerman says, “Nyla is a great actress and does extremely well when performing on stage.”

Sophomore: Robin Zander

Freshmen: Georgia Ruffolo


Most Organized:

Senior: Katie Hale

Junior: Vanessa Davila

Sophomore: Meredith Hemmings

Freshmen: Lauren Lamoute

Junior Maddy Ruppel says, “Vanessa’s organization skills are fantastic. I wish I was that neat, life would be so much easier.”



Senior: Olivia Stevens

Credit: Devin Folkman/Achona Online
Olivia Stevens says, “I came to this school with only four people I knew who I weren’t even good friends with. It is easy for me to branch out, and now, I am good friends with almost everyone in my grade.”

Junior: Caitlin Helms

Sophomore: Chanita Belcher

Sophomore Greta Dieck says, “Chanita is the nicest person alive.”


Best Humor:

Senior: Brittany Bramwell

Junior: Tabitha Rucker

Sophomore: Kelsey Barton

Freshmen: Caroline Lamareoux

Senior Alexis Miniet says, “Brittany makes me laugh constantly whether it’s in the classroom or on the softball field, there is never a dull moment with her.”


Best Style:

Senior: Maria Cacciatore

Junior: Francoise Corser

Sophomore: Olivia Fernandez

Olivia Fernandez says, “I am excited for Gasparilla to dress up and hang out with friends.”

Freshmen: Amelia Traviesa

Senior Karianne Buser says, “Maria always shows up on her game.”


Best Athlete:

Senior: Hannah Menendez

Junior: Mickey Carney

Sophomore: Greta Dieck

Sophomore Danielle Brennan says, “I played on junior varsity with Megan this season, and her athleticism really helped us play well.”

Freshmen: Megan Hughes


Most Academic:

Senior: Lizzie Dolan

Junior: Emma Heston

Sophomore: Lauren Dingle

Freshmen: Lauren Jones

Freshmen Sam Miller says, “Lauren is always on top of her work and stays extremely focused. Her intelligence will take her far places.”


Most Spirited:

Senior: Ashley Lambert

Senior Kate Scanlan says, “Ashely always gets us hyped at pep rallies and sporting events. The best is the death drop.”

Junior: Erica Dierks

Sophomore: Brielle Gentile

Freshmen: Gabby Butler


Best Personality:

Senior: Megan Matter

Junior: Gillian Garcia

Gillian Garcia says, “One of my favorite places to get coffee is at the Oxford Exchange.”

Sophomore: Myah Rhines

Freshmen: Sam Miller

Freshmen Isabella Piboolnuruk says, “Sam is one of my best friends and she always lights up a room with her personality.

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